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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scottish Rite Express

Fall Reunion (October 19/20)

In case you missed it the Richard Koch 33° Memorial Reunion begins tonight (Friday). Our Master of Kadosh, Richard “Dutch” Koch 33°, will open the evening at 6:25 pm with the introduction of the class members and the 2007 officers and Advisory conference members. In addition to opening of the reunion will be a special presentation of a 50 year Scottish Rite certificate. The 4th, 5th, and 6th degrees will be performed on Friday night. Saturday will consist of degrees 7 through 18.

This reunion has a nice number of class members but we have a big auditorium. In fact, there are seats for over 800. While filling the auditorium might be a stretch, the officers would encourage you to attend some portion of the first weekend of the reunion. It is a great way to show your support to a new member of the Scottish Rite.

Special Request

This past Tuesday night over 120 people attended our very successful Magic Carpet party. By all accounts the event was a huge success and almost everyone went away feeling great about Scottish Rite and the progress we have made in the past few years. However, one of our members was not allowed to head home with the same smile on his face that the rest of us did. The reason is simple. His car suffered over $1400 worth of damage from being hit in the north parking lot. At this time, no one has come forward to take responsibility for the accident. Therefore, we are requesting that if anyone has any knowledge of the accident please contact the Scottish Rite office.

Double Eagle Gala

Have you bought your tickets for the Double Eagle Gala? It is just two weeks away. This extraordinary event will celebrate the conclusion of the Fall Reunion and will feature dinner and dancing to the 15 piece High Society Big Band. The cost is just $25 per person. This event promises to be one of the most spectacular events held by the Scottish Rite in many years.

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