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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

SR Express - 2017 Honor Men have been selected

June 20, 2017

Earlier this spring the members of the Des Moines Valley who have been honored with the Knight Commander Court of Honour (32nd KCCH) and the Inspector General Honorary (33°) met to ballot on honor selections for the 2017 session of the Supreme Council.  Once the members of the Des Moines Valley had an opportunity to make their wishes known, these recommendations were forwarded to our Sovereign Grand Inspector General, Gary L. Sissel, 33°.  Following the approval of Ill. Bro. Sissel these recommendations were then submitted by him to the Active Members of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the USA.  

The members of the Supreme Council met in a special session to discuss and ballot on the nominations for all honors for the Southern Jurisdiction.  

The Des Moines Valley is pleased to announce that we received 7 Knight Commanders of the Count of Honour and 3 Inspectors General Honorary.

2017 33rd Degree
Inspector General Honorary (elect)
igh cross

Ricky N. McCampbell
Wade E. Sheeler
Paul R. Tyler

2017 Knight Commander Court of Honour (elect)

KCCHMark W. Allen          Bradley A. Reichardt
Terry L. Augustus     Carl J. Van Der Kamp
Arthur G. Crandon    Timothy J. Whipple
Ryan A. Genest

SR Express - Passing of a Brother

Announcing the passing of
             Ill. Brother Robert M Speed, 33° 

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you to inform you of the passing of Robert M. Speed, 33°.   
To say Brother Bob's passing leaves a void in the musical life of the Scottish Rite would be a great understatement.  Bob's skills at the organ were tremendous, a result of his over 75 years as an organ student, then teacher, and performer as Church Organist.  Bob's vast skills included improvisation, which enabled us to enjoy great "marching music" during the degree work, Fanfares of unsurpassed complexity, and incidental music that never failed to enhance the activity going on during the degree. We were so fortunate that even after he had retired from all other organist jobs, he was willing to continue as one of our organists.  We will always remember Bob when we sing the special final "Amen" of the 32nd degree that he composed for us.

Bob never complained about his failing health.  Just a couple of years ago, you would never have guessed that he was entering his mid-eighties.  He remained vibrant and healthy, and I remember him still taking spinning classes at the gym during those years when most of us would had given up on such activity... but  a couple years ago,  he began to fail.  He remained optimistic much of the time, but at the last reunion, he indicated that he didn't feel up to playing for all the the degrees any longer, but would continue playing for the 32nd Degree, and turned in much of his music.  I accepted his partial resignation reluctantly, but with the realization that this was something he needed for his health and his peace of mind.

As a friend, I will personally miss Bob greatly.  His sense of humor, his quick wit, and his musical knowledge, were all precious to me. Just sitting and talking with Bob was an educational experience and always ended with a laugh!

As a conductor, I have never worked with anyone as knowledgeable, forgiving, patient, and helpful as Bob Speed.
I'm sure everyone in the Double Eagle Chorus has special memories of Bob.  Take just a moment today, and remember him.
I'll let you know when I learn something about memorial services.
Ron Lindhart, Director
Des Moines Double Eagle Chorus

Bob was raised in Capital Lodge on Feb. 26, 1963 to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. He joined Scottish Rite on June 25,1994 and received the Knight Commander Court of Honour on October 4, 1999. He received the Inspector General Honorary (33°) on November 10, 2007.

Keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Sincerely and Fraternally,

Shane A. Harshbarger

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

SR Express - Reservations for 300th Anniversary of GL of England are now closed

June 14, 2017
300th Anniversary of Grand Lodge of England
June 24, 2017

The 300th Anniversary celebration has proven to be immensely popular. Unfortunately that means that we will not be taking any additional reservations.

However, if you are interested in attending the Past Master Degree or the Forum on the History of English Freemasonry, we can accommodate additional reservations for these events only. The cost for these activities will be $10.00 and includes your event certificate. We need this reservation by June 19th so the proper certificates can be made.

Lastly, we are opening the Grand Lodge of Iowa as part of the festivities, so an apron is required in the lodge room.  We encourage you to bring or wear your own apron if you have one.  It should make for a much simpler process when we are opening the Grand Lodge.  There will be a quantity available for those who need an apron.  Past Master aprons are welcome as well. 

2017 Charitable Golf Outing
  Anyone who likes to play     golf
  A Great day of Golf & Fun
  4 Person Best Shot
  June 23, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
  Shotgun start
  Terrance Hills Golf Course
  Altoona IA
  For fun and to preserve and protect on of Des Moines'     most historic buildings