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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Installation and Holiday Party Pictures

The movie is dark but you can hear the music that was played when the officers were piped into the Lodge Room

Scottish Rite Installation from Jay Simser on Vimeo.

Consistory Installation and Holiday Party

Tonight is the quarterly meeting, installation of officers, and holiday party. On behalf of Master of Kadosh, Mark Clark 33° and Master of Kadosh elect, Donald A. Driscoll 33° we invite you to attend.

The evening begins with the quarterly meeting at 6:00 pm in the Consistory Classroom. After the short meeting, we will join our ladies and guests in the auditorium for the Installation of the 2010 officers at 6:30 pm. We will be installing officers for the Des Moines Consistory and the Chapter Rose Croix. Donald A. Driscoll 33° is the Master of Kadosh elect and Daniel R. Hobson 32° KCCH is the Wise Master elect.

Following the installation will be our annual holiday party, which has grown into quite the affair. Our Consistory is well decorated for the holidays. We are excited to have Bob Day to play piano during the party.

Fancy Spinach Salad
Roasted Pork Loin
Cheese Ravioli with Meatballs
Cheese and Cracker trays
Relish Tray
Shrimp Cocktail
Mini Cheesecakes

There is no cost to attend and this event is open to the public. Please invite your lady and family to join us.
Dress is coat, tie, and Scottish Rite cap.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Photos from Sioux City KCCH Investiture

Holiday Party and Installation

Tuesday, December 15th.

6:00 pm Quarterly Meeting
6:30 pm Installation of Officers

7:00 pm Holiday Party
Heavy Hors d’ouevres
Musical Entertainment

Cedar Rapids - Albert Pike Birthday Observance

Illustrious Albert Pike, 33°

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction The Bodies of the Valley of Cedar Rapids, Iowa
invite you and your guests to a party celebrating the Two-Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Illustrious Albert Pike, 33°
(December 29. 1809—April 2, 1891) Sovereign Grand Commander
of the Supreme Council of the Thirty-Third Degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America,
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
The Cedar Rapids Scottish Rite Temple Dinner Beginning at 6:00 p. m.
Celebratory Program to Follow
We request a donation of $12.50 per person to defray the costs of the dinner. Gentlemen are asked to wear coat and tie. To make your reservation, please call (319) 364-2904 or e-mail

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ATTENTION: Holiday Party and Installation Rescheduled

Given the current and future weather conditions, the Holiday Party and Installation scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday December 9th has been rescheduled for Tuesday, December 15th.
6:00 pm            Quarterly Meeting
6:30 pm            Installation of Officers
7:00 pm            Holiday Party
                                    Heavy Hors d’ouevres
                                    Musical Entertainment

Saturday, December 5, 2009

33rd Degree Coronation

Below are pictures from the 33rd Degree Coronation held December 5, 2009

INSPECTOR GENERAL HONORARY OF THE THIRTY-THIRD DEGREE; during the Biennial session of the Supreme Council, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General and Deputies nominate a small quota of members who are Knights Commander Court of Honour to receive the Thirty-third Degree. A committee reviews the nominations, but the Supreme Council must vote upon every nomination. Members unanimously so elected become honorary members of the Supreme Council. The Thirty-third Degree may not be requested. The Degree is solely out of recognition for outstanding services. The only difference between the jewel of the Thirty-third Degree and that for an Active Member of the Supreme Council is that the latter is larger. The cap for an Inspector General Honorary is white with a white band edged in gold, featuring the symbol for this honorary Degree, a red slanting Patriarchal Cross.

Recipients from Iowa are:

Cedar Rapids - John Merten Klaus
Cedar Rapids - Larry Richard McGuire
Cedar Rapids - George Albert Peirce
Cedar Rapids - Harry Dale Sullivan
Clinton - Eugene Raymond Steensen
Davenport - William Ellis Kimler
Davenport - Dennis Ray Soebbing
Des Moines - David Michael Dryer
Des Moines - Shane Allen Harshbarger
Des Moines - Richard Hulett Hickman
Des Moines - Russell Edward Johnson, Jr.
Des Moines - Brian Douglas Pappaducas
Sioux City - Gary Ralph Bauereis
Sioux City - James Leslie Hayes
Sioux City - Edward Sheldon Matz
Sioux City - James William Morfitt
Sioux City - Jon David Wagoner

In addition there was one courtesy recipient from Minnesota

St. Paul - Brent Lee Metcalf

Congratulations to each recipient.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Master of Kadosh - Holiday Party - December 9, 2009

6:00 PM
Scottish Rite Members
Quarterly Meeting
Third Floor Cllassroom

6:30 PM
Installation of Officers
Members and Guests Welcome

7:00 PM
Heavy Hors d'ouevres in the Tapestry Room
Musical Entertainment


Master of Kadosh -Donald A. Driscol, 33°
Prior - Eldon F. Walton, 33°
Preceptor - Kay D. Greany , 33°
Chancellor - Jack R. Schreiber, 33°
Ministers of State
- Timothy D. Bonney , 32° KCCH
- Craig E. Robertson, 32°
Almoner - William R Clark, Jr., 33°
Assistant Almoner - Brian Pappaducas, 33°
Registrar - Shane A. Harshbarger, 33°
Treasurer - Richard Koch, Jr. 33°
Tyler - Richard H. Hickman, 33°

Council of Kadosh

Commander - John W. Clearman, 33°
1st Lieutenant Commander - Bryce B. Hildreth, 33°
2nd Lieutenant Commander - Michael W. Fletcher, 32° KCCH

Chapter Rose Croix

Wise Master - - Daniel R. Hobson, 32° KCCH
Senior Warden - Gregory L. Andersen, 33°
Junior Warden- Rusty L. Hill 32° KCCH

Lodge of Perfection

Venerable Master - Shane A. Harshbarger, 33°
Senior Warden - Steven F. Jacobson, 32° KCCH
Junior Warden - W. Charles Smithson, 32° KCCH

Friday, November 20, 2009

2009 KCCH Investiture

Tonight, 20 Masters of the Royal Secret were invested with the Knight Commander Court of Honour.

The evening started with another excellent dinner by the Kitchen Krew, followed by the Investiture Ceremony in the Auditorium.

Everyone enjoyed the evening, with some excellent photos.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Patriotic Celebration of Veteran's Day

On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month we remember all of our nation's veterans.  Their sacrifice for this nation is what has made our nation what it is today.  This evening, the events of remembering our veterans concluded with the Council of Kadosh of the Des Moines Valley paying tribute to our nation's veterans by performing select parts of the Valley's former 30th Degree for the public.

Preceded with an excellent dinner prepared by the Valley's Kitchen Krew.  Never to be outdone, the Kitchen Krew prepared a succulent Yankee Pot Roast, with a side Valley Forge Vegetable Medley, Paul Revere Sour Dough Bread, and a choice of either George Washington Cherry Pie or Betsy Ross Apple Pie for desert.  Drinks included Boston Harbor Iced Tea, and an excellent selection of brews by Sam Adams.

The program opened with remarks by Bro. Bill Clark, Jr., 33°
The degree continued with Bro. Mike Hansen, 33 presenting the various flags that have flown over out nation. Dressed in his formal Naval Officer's uniform from his time in the service, Bro. Hansen opened with:
"From earliest times, tribes or groups of men adopted banners or standards to symbolize their unity or principles for which they stood. Flags and their history make a fascinating study out of which one can find a great deal of enjoyment and pleasure. It is but natural that our new nation should adopt for their symbol a flag, which has been changed from time to time, the development of which is illustrated by this series of flags now before you and which I will briefly explain to you.
This series of flags illustrated the development of our American emblem from the beginning to the present time."

He concluded with:
"Behold the emblem of our Country, the Greatest Flag of the Greatest Nation of the world! May it ever wave over a free and liberty loving people. May it ever represent the highest ideals of American manhood, the loftiest standards of our exalted womanhood, the purest principles of social democracy. May its generous fold blessed by Almighty God and glorified by the blood of our forefathers, ever aid and support, at home and abroad, on land and on sea, suffering mankind, struggling for human right, human freedom, human advancement and education."

Next, Bro. John Clearman, 33° gave a brief lecture on the values that all true patriots hold dear, and how Masonry supports each one of them, "If Masonry cannot prevent tyranny, superstition or ignorance from precipitating war between nations, or within the bosom of a nation, it will at least endeavor to mitigate the horrors and prevent the worst atrocities of that war. If it cannot prevent the crimes which disgrace humanity, it will at least denounce those who commit them and make their names infamous throughout all the world.".

Bro. Bryce Hildreth, 33° then gave a lecture on our own mortality, "We all enter life in one manner and before death, rank and privileges disappear.".

Bro. D. Kay Greany, 33° gave a moving Ode to the Flag.  "TO THEE, Flag or our Country, we pay homage of a free people; emblem of our liberty, prophetic of the future happiness of millions of God's children."

The program concluded with Bro. Greg Van Vark, 32° KCCH giving the School House Lecture.  This lecture is most moving, speaking of Freemasonry "punching holes in the dark". 

"“I have struggled for freedom of religion, human advancement and education. I have fought untiring warfare against two miscreants of mankind, political and spiritual despotism. I was with Washington when he founded and endowed the first free public school in Alexandria, Virginia. Over no institution does the American Flag more appropriately float than over the free public schoolhouse. It is not put there for decorative purposes. The inner meaning of its presence in the schoolroom becomes apparent when we remember that in every city, village, and countryside, millions of boys and girls face toward the flag and salute it with these significant words:
“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”"

The Double Eagle Chorus, directed by Bro. Ron Lindhart, 33°; and Organist Bro. Bob Speed, 33° provided great musical accompaniments to the evening, including such patriotic songs as our National Anthem, America the Beautiful, and God Bless America.

Master of Kadosh, Bro. Mark Clark, 33° closed the evening, reminding us of the greatness of our nation,  and our duty as patriots to thank the veterans who have put everything on the line for us.

Respectfully submitted,
~Bro. Kurt Hoffmann, 32° for Bro. Jay Simser, 32°

Monday, November 9, 2009

Scottish Rite Auditorium

Some of the details of our beautiful auditorium at the Des Moines Scottish Rite. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Scottish Rite Expresss


The dust has now settled on the fall reunion and gala. By all accounts it was a huge success. Because of the efforts of our membership committee and the top line signers, we now have 28 new members in our Valley. However for these men to become Masters of the Royal Secret, it took much more. Our officers, committees, and ritualists worked countless hours and deserve a great deal of credit as well. It takes many hands for our reunions to happen. To each and everyone who helped out, attended, and supported the George R. Carr 33° G.C. Memorial Reunion, THANK YOU!!

There are a number of pictures on our Consistory Blog if you would like to check them out.

A Patriotic Celebration (November 11)

Coming up quickly will be our last University of Free Masonry program for the 2009 year. It will be held one week from tomorrow, Wednesday, November 11th (Veteran’s Day). The program will feature patriotic lectures from our Council of Kadosh as well as music from our Double Eagle chorus. The evening will celebrate American history and Masonry. This public event is open to all including SR Masons, their friends and family.

Our evening will begin with dinner at 6:30 pm followed by the program at 7:30 pm. The menu is a true American classic. Yankee Pot Roast, Valley Forge Vegetable Medley, Paul Revere Sour Dough Bread, George Washington Cherry Pie, Betsy Ross Apple Pie, Boston Harbor Iced Tea, and Libations by Sam Adams. There will be a tax of $10 per person for the meal. Please make your reservation by November 9, 2009. Phone #515-288-8927 or email

Holiday Party and Installation of Officers

It is not too early to begin making plans for our annual Holiday party and installation of officers on December 9, 2009. Donald Driscoll 33° will be installed as our new Master of Kadosh for the Des Moines Consistory. We will also be installing the Chapter Rose Croix officers. Dan Hobson 32° KCCH will be the new Wise Master. Following the installation, we will adjourn to the Tapestry Lounge for the Holiday Party. We will have live music, heavy hors de oeuvres and drinks will be served. Last year almost 200 SR Masons and their ladies celebrated a great year and started a new one. We hope to see you there.

Friday, October 30, 2009

George Carr Reunion Friday - Second Week-end

The Grand Banquet Roon is almost ready for the Gala tomorrow night.
There are still a few places for dinner.

Monday, October 26, 2009


The Double Eagle is this weekend. Things are shaping up for a great reunion, honoring George Carr. The band has been hired, the caterer is ordering food, the décor has been delivered, and over 250 SR Masons and their guests have made reservations. We will be accepting reservations until 12:00 pm on Wednesday, so if you are still on the bubble, please let us know as soon as possible

Upon arriving, you should park in the American Republic Ramp to the east of the Scottish Rite building. Yes, the big ramp that is usually reserved for their employees. From there, walk to the front of our Consistory and enter through the huge bronze doors. At the main entrance you will find our Scottish Rite Tylers ready to greet you and welcome you to the Gala. Check in and ticket payment will be at the entrance foyer as well. Should you have a coat or wrap, our coat check will be staffed for your use. You will then enter the drawbridge of our Consistory Castle guarded by a Knight in shining armor on your way to the Gala Ballroom.

The decor for this year’s gala will be regal red, deep purple, and gold along with the Double Eagle of the Scottish Rite. Banners, torches, and pillars of fire will add to the splendor as our ballroom will once again be transformed by the creative talents of Innovative Events.

As you enter the Grand Ballroom for social hour, look to the north for libations as well as the various appetizer stations featuring chicken spiedini skewers, boursin cheese stuffed mushrooms, and three cheese olive garnish. After you have had a chance to partake, you may wish to seek out your seat for dinner. Again, palace staff will be there to help you. Our herald will call for dinner at 7:00 pm. The menu will feature Fresh Chilled Caesar Salad, Oven Roasted Prime Rib of Beef (14 oz cut), Baby Red Potatoes, Sautéed California Golden Vegetables, Fresh baked rolls and butter prepared by Great Caterers of Iowa.

Following dessert of Triple layer Chocolate Cake with Raspberry sauce, our festivities in honor of the George R. Carr 33° G.C. Memorial Class will begin. Our agenda will include remarks and presentations by our class officers, comments by the Master of Kadosh, and recognition of our newest 50 year members. Our Sovereign Grand Inspector General, Gary L. Sissel, 33° and his lady Carole will be our special guests.

Following our program, it will be time for dancing. Our gala will feature the 17 piece big band, High Society.

Hopefully, this will give you a sneak peak at what to expect, next Saturday night.

Here are the answers to a few questions that have been asked.

Dress – The Double Eagle Gala is tuxedo optional. Masquerade masks are optional as well.

Parking – The American Enterprise ramp directly east of our building will be open at 3:30 pm on Saturday for AASR parking. Entrance to the parking ramp is on 5th Street, you may be asked to show your AASR dues card.

Event times: 6pm – Social
7 pm – Dinner ~
8pm – Dancing
Cost: $35 per person (advance payment requested)
RSVP not later than 12:00 pm on October 28th ( or 515-288-8927)
The Double Eagle Gala is open to Scottish Rite Masons and their guests.
Scottish Rite Degree Practices
Monday, October 26, 2009
21st Degree – 7 pm (Auditorium)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
28th Degree (tech) – 6 pm (Auditorium)
32nd Degree (1st Section-tech) – 7 pm (Auditorium)
32nd Degree (2nd Section-tech) – 7:30 pm (Auditorium)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
30th Degree (tech) – 6 pm (Auditorium)
31st Degree (tech) – 7:30 pm (Auditorium)

Thursday, October 29, 2009
27th Degree (tech) – 6 pm (Auditorium)
22nd Degree (tech) – 7 pm (Auditorium)


The 20th Degree-Master of the Symbolic Lodge 6:00 PM
The 21st Degree-Noachite or Prussian Knight 7:20 PM
The 22nd Degree-Knight of the Royal Axe 8:50 PM

The 27th Degree - Knight of the Sun, Prince Adept 8:15 AM
The 28th Degree- Knight Commander of the Temple 9:25 AM
The 29th Degree-Scottish Knight of St. Andrew 10:30 AM
The 30th Degree-Knight Kadosh 11:35 AM
LUNCH 12:30 PM
The 31st Degree-Inspector Inquisitor 1:45 PM
The 32nd Degree-The Royal Secret (1st Section) 3:15 PM
The 32nd Degree-The Royal Secret (2nd Section) 4:30 PM



Shane Harshbarger
Des Moines Scottish Rite
515-288-8927 (office)
515-288-8929 (fax)
515-865-4727 (cell)

Friday, October 16, 2009

George R. Carr, 33° Grand Cross Class

A very special guest joined the members of the Des Moines Scottish Rite for dinner tonight to kick off the George R. Carr, 33° Grand Cross Class. Senator Charles Grassley was in town to make a speech and came for a delicious pork loin supper. Senator Grassley is also a 33° Grand Cross. This is the highest honor the Rite bestows and Senator Grassley, a member of the Des Moines Valley, is the only remaining holder of this honor in Iowa.
This is a group of brothers from Southgate Lodge who are all joining together. There are a total of 27 new Scottish Rite members joining. They are members of a class named after a Mason who was a Class all to himself. George R. Carr, 33° Grand Cross gave much of his time and effort to the Scottish and York Rites and both Rites are honoring this great Mason this fall.

Senator Grassley wearing his Grand Cross Cap. You do not see many of them. The rest of the pictures are below. If you click on the slide show you will be taken to the Web album and can copy them from there.