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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Reunion Schedule

Fall Reunion Schedule
October 25/26 and November 8/9

6:20 PM       4th Degree        Secret Master
7:10 PM       5th Degree        Perfect Master
 7:55 PM      6th Degree        Confidential Secretary
8:35 PM       7th Degree        Provost and Judge
9:05AM        8th Degree        Intendant of the Building
9:45 PM        DISMISSAL

8:00 AM        9th Degree        Elu of the Nine
                   10th Degree        Elu of the Fifteen
8:55AM       11th Degree        Elu of the Twelve
9:40 AM      12th Degree        Master Architect
10:25 AM    13th Degree        Royal Arch of Solomon
11:15AM     14th Degree        Perfect Elu
12:05 PM      LUNCH
1:00 PM       15th Degree        Knight of the East
2:00 PM       16th Degree        Prince of Jerusalem
2:55 PM       17th Degree        Knight of the East & West
4:15 PM       18th Degree        Knight Rose Croix
5:30 PM       SOCIAL HOUR

5:00 PM       DINNER
6:00 PM       20th Degree        Master of the Symbolic Lodge
7:10 PM       21st Degree         Noachite or Prussian Knight
8:25PM        22nd Degree       Knight of the Royal Axe
9:05 PM       DISMISSAL

7:45AM       23rd Degree        Chief of the Tabernacle
8:20 AM      24th Degree         Prince of the Tabernacle
9:10 AM      25th Degree         Knight of the Brazen Serpent
9:55 AM      26th Degree         Prince of Mercy
10:45AM     27th Degree         Knight of the Sun
11:45AM     28th Degree         Knight Commander of Temple
12:20 PM    LUNCH
1:05 PM       29th Degree        Scottish Knight of St. Andrew
2:00PM        30th Degree        Knight Kadosh
3:20PM        31st Degree       Inspector Inquisitor
4:30 PM       32nd Degree      Master of the Royal Secret (1st Section)
5:25PM        32nd Degree      Master of the Royal Secret(2nd Section)
6:30 PM      SOCIAL HOUR


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Feast of Tishri

 The Feast of Tishri is celebrated in many Valley’s of the Scottish Rite
and commemorates the dedication of King Solomon’s Temple. It
also commemorates the period after the exodus from Egypt during
which the Jews wandered in the wilderness and lived in huts. It relates to
the general celebration of Thanksgiving. The Feast of Tishri is an essential
part of the Fourteenth Degree and alludes to the symbolic details of the
Temple’s position, design, construction, furnishing, and decoration
as the metaphorical temple of Freemasonry built in the
heart of every brother.
We learn to recommit ourselves to building Freemasonry “in
the hearts of men and among nations.” The consecration of the Temple
teaches the equality and unity of all members of the Rite.

In the Feast of Tishri, all Perfect Elus and those of higher Degrees can join at the banquet table and share the bond of fraternal unity. The law, legendry,
peace, quality, unity, and fellowship of the Feast of Tishri combine to make this the Masonic feast of feasts.*

A very large group of over one hundred Scottish Rite Masons gathered to celebrate the Feast of Tishri in the Grand Ballroom of the Des Moines Consistory.

There was a time for socialization and a chance to visit with each other before the Feast and the Brethren took full advantageof the time to greet and talk.

The table was arranged in a Table Lodge format and as is usual at a Table Lodge there was singing and Masonic Toasts.

Following a Salad Course there were three Toasts

Each toast was led by a different officer of the Rite.
 The first toast was To Our Country.

The Double Eagle Chorus performed the anthem, God Bless America.

2nd Toast: To our Symbolic Lodges and all Master Masons.

3rd Toast: To Worshipful Masters and the Grand Master.

At this point we at the most delicious perfectly prepared steak dinner ever served at the Scottish Rite.  Dick Hudnel and the Kitchen Krew outdid themselves.

Following dinner the remainder of the Toasts were given.

4th Toast: To the Master of Kadosh and Personal Representative

5th Toast: To the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

6th Toast to the memory of our Departed Brethren

and finally the 7th Toast: To all poor distressed Master Masons wherever dispersed

We closed by singing
"God Speed Freemasonry"

Dear Brothers of the plumb and square
  Come join in cheerful song;
Let every heart and voice prepare
The glad notes to prolong.

We're brothers of the Mystic Tie
We're brothers True and Free
Then let our song ascend on high - 
God Speed Freemasonry!

*From the Washington D C Scottish Rite Progress

Friday, September 13, 2013

Feast of Tishri and Reunion Kick-off

Today is last call for reservations for the Feast of Tishri! Please call or email the office if you plan to attend. (515-288-8927 or
However, we will always accommodate a late reservation for a prospective Scottish Rite Mason
The Feast of Tishri celebrates the completion of King Solomon's Temple and became an official Scottish Rite observance in 1866.

Des Moines Valley will celebrate this momentous event with a feast and table lodge at the Reunion Kick-off for Scottish Rite Masons and their prospects on September 25, 2013.

Feast of Tishri Menu
Fresh Garden Salad
Grilled Top Sirloin Steak
Baked Potato with Butter and Sour Cream
Vegetable Medley

The Double Eagle Chorus, songs, toasts, videos and tributes to great Masons.

This will be an awesome introduction to Scottish Rite for a prospective member.

Master Masons who are Prospects for A.A.S.R. are FREE with a reservation.
$10. per person for A.A.S.R. members
RSVP by September 20th 
(515-288-8927 or

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quarterly Meeting and Election

 The Des Moines Consistory was opened tonight for the Quarterly Meeting and Election.  New chairs have added to the comfort for the Brethren attending the meetings. 

The Brothers had a Taco Dinner before the meeting and had a chance to visit with one another.
 Following the Registrar's report which showed that the Valley has 1288 members with 25 new 32 degree Masons this year.  If all dues are paid we will have a year with a net gain which is a very good thing for the Valley
 Registrar Harshbarger gave a report about the Biennial Session which you can see at this link
 Shane also reported that the Supreme Council is now in amity with the Ancient, Accepted Scottish Rite 33 degree Southern Jurisdiction Prince Hall Masons.
Ron Lindhart, 33°- Member of the Advisory Council
The tellers were appointed and ballots were cast for the 2014 Officers who are:

Master of Kadosh  - Steven F. Jacobsen, 32° KCCH
Prior - Eldon F. Walton, 33°  
Preceptor - Kay D. Greany, 33° 
Chancellor - Jack R. Schreiber, 33° 
Almoner - Brian D. Pappaducas, 33° 

Lodge of Perfection 

Venerable Master - W. Charles Smithson, 32° KCCH
Senior Warden - Craig T. Davis, 32° KCCH
Junior Warden - Wade E. Sheeler, 32° KCCH


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quarterly Meeting and Election

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
6;30 P M  Taco Dinner ($5)
7:30 P M Meeting and Election

Reservations for dinner requested at 515-288-8927 or

The agenda for the meeting will include the election of the 2014 Master of Kadosh and Lodge of Perfection Officers, a review of the recent reunion and Supreme Council session, committee reports and an important discussion on membership for the Fall reunion.

All Scottish Rite Masons are invited to attend.

Shane A. Harshbarger, 33°
Secretary Registrar