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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reading of the 12th Degree - University of Freemasonry

Tonight the 12th Degree or Master Architect was performed by the Lodge of Perfection of the Des Moines Scottish Rite. The cast included:

Venerable Master - W. Charles Smithson 32°
Senior Warden - Jeremy Davis 32°
Junior Warden - Phil Gauthier 32°
Master of Ceremonies - Kevin Christians 32°
Orator David Dryer 32° KCCH
The Charge was given by Ron Lindhart 33°

The exemplar was Wade Sheeler 32° KCCH

The degree was given as a "Reader's Theater presentation with a well rehearsed cast who read their parts. Following the presentation a discussion was lead by Timothy Bonney 32°, Minister of State.

He discussed some of the themes of the 12th degree:
  1. All Masons should seek intellectual and spiritual growth - that is all Masons should pursue wisdom.
  2. The best and wisest should be the leaders of any organization or government.
He said that the degree looks to the Hebrew Wisdom Literature, particularly the Book of Proverbs.

The Five Orders of Architecture and the different working tools were also discussed (square, compass, rule, protractor, plumb, level, 30, 60 and 90° triangles, Trench cure, Divider and T-square.

The consensus of the group was, that even though the Des Moines Scottish Rite puts on more degrees than most other groups it was a valuable experience to see this degree and to have time to discuss its meanings. A discussion was held and it looks as if the 19th degree will be the next degree for reading at the University of Freemasonry.

W. Charles Smithson and cast are to be commended for taking this project on. It was very worthwhile and the Brothers in attendance seemed to enjoy it tremendously.

The Symbols of the Twelfth Degree - Thanks to Brother Kurt Hoffmann

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