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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

George Carr 33° G.C. August 1, 1922 - August 12, 2008

George Carr died this morning after a long struggle with cancer.

I think that you can describe George as the "Grand Old Man of Masonry" - I first met George when he was the Secretary-Registrar of the Des Moines Consistory. He was just a person you liked. And you liked him because he liked you. He was a very, very special person and you really can't say too much good about him. He always was ready with a smile and he was glad to see everyone. George and I worked together in the Red Cross of Constantine. He was the Sovereign and I was the Recorder. He had a good term and I enjoyed working with/for him. The last time I had a really nice conversation with George we sat in his office. He worked for the Scottish Rite Foundation right up until he could no longer handle it. I will always remember those conversations. There was a lot of wisdom to be gained sitting at his feet. I am grateful to Masonry because I have been able to meet men like George.

Everyone is going to miss George. I know I will. The Scottish Rite will be a little bit darker with his passing. But I know that at this moment the Grand Architect of the Universe is welcoming him into the Grand Lodge above with those welcome words. "Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of thy Lord." And I also am pretty sure that the Great Healer will clasp his hand with the Lion's Paw and whisper the Word of healing and take away the pain and suffering. Rest in Peace my friend. You are already missed.
Jay Cole Simser

There is another tribute by Kurt Hoffmann to George here.
Timothy Bonneyhas a tribute here.
George had a profound effect on us all. As Kurt says:

"Rest well, Brother George. Spes Mea in Deo Est".

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