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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quarterly Meetings / Elections/ Petitions/ Gala

The Quarterly Meeting of the Des Moines Valley was held last evening. Reports were given, announcements were made and Elections were held. Officers elected who will be installed in December are:
Master of Kadosh - Mark A. Clark, 33°
Preceptor - Kay D Greany, 33°
Prior - Eldon Walton, 33°
Treasurer - James H. Windsor III, 33°

Council of Kadosh
Commander - John W. Clearman, 33°
1st Lieutenant Commander - Bryce B. Hildreth, 33°
2nd Lieutenant Commander - Michael W. Fletcher, 32° KCCH

The Knights of St. Andrew also held their elections last night. The Knights elected Officers -
Jeremy N. Davis, 32° - Commander
Rusty Hill, 32° - Vice-Commander
Steve Jacobson, 32° - Secretary

The Fall Reunion is scheduled for October 17/18 and October 31/November 1. There will be a Table Lodge kickoff on September 25. cost of the Dinner is $10.00 (Reservations to the Office) This event is for Masons only (Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Masons welcome). Attire - Jacket, ties, hats. If a prospective member comes his dinner is free and if a Scottish Rite Mason comes with a signed petition (and the check) his dinner is free. Petitions may be obtained from the office. Petitions are welcome and they will be voted on October 8 and 15. ASK A BROTHER TO JOIN!

It was also announced last night that if you would like to have a reserved table for the Gala you may do so. Talk to your friends get a group of 8 together you may purchase a table for the event. Submit your $200 with your list of 8 attendees and the table will be reserved for you. This will keep you from having to "hold" the chairs and you will be able to sit with your buddies.

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