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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scottish Rite Express

Upcoming Events for Prospective Members to attend with you

Consistro Bistro (February 6th)
As with any good Italian restaurant the menu changes from time to time, it is a way to try new things and bring back old favorites. Your Master of Kadosh Mark Clark along with our Scottish Rite Kitchen Krew is preparing a true Italian dinner for you and your lady. But your evening is not limited to just good food; upon arriving you will be greeted by red and white checkered table cloths, Italian Bistro music, anti-pasto appetizers, and Chianti available. This is your chance to invite your lady to a Scottish Rite event where she is the guest of honor. Your non-Masonic friends and family are invited to attend. The dinner is $13, but we ask that you please make reservations by calling the Scottish Rite office at 515-288-8927 or by Monday, February 2, 2009.

Winter Dance Party (February 21st)
The Scottish Rite will be rocking on February 21st at our winter dance party. This event is open to all SR Masons, their ladies, and guests. More details to follow, but mark your calendar now for a chance to dance the night away.

Spring Reunion Kickoff – March 4th
This is the last of three fun events scheduled prior to the Spring Reunion for you to invite prospective Masons to attend. The Spring Reunion Kick-off is coming up on March 4, 2009. This event is designed to build enthusiasm for the upcoming Spring Reunion and as a chance to invite potential SR Masons to a fun event to meet other Scottish Rite members. It will feature a steak dinner. And a special program introducing the Scottish Rite as well as building tours. Cost is $10 for SR Masons. However, Masonic candidates are free. If you bring a candidate with a signed & paid petition, your dinner is free as well. Prospects for the Blue Lodge are also welcome. This event is for men only. The spring reunion is not far away, now is the perfect time to approach that Master Mason who has been considering joining but hasn’t for one reason or another. If you plan to attend please contact the office (515-288-8927 or

Charlie Smithson and Wade Sheeler recently completed the Master Craftsman program sponsored by the Supreme Council. These open book tests take you through each of the Scottish Rite degrees, their history, lessons, and teachings. For more information on this program-

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