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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Breakfast Club

We had a number of volunteers attend the "Breakfast Club" work committee on this past Saturday. The guys worked on a number of projects throughout the building. We need to do some plumbing maintenance in some of our public restrooms, replacing and updating light bulbs, adding and fixing some of our motion detector light switches, as well as fixing general wear and tear. Thanks to Rex Kehoe 32° KCCH for coordinating the work day and to Dick Hudnall making breakfast. Watch the express for your next chance to join us.

A special thanks to Kurt Hoffmann and Jay Simser , who took it upon themselves to clean and organize the Consistory Library. They have cataloged, organized, and reshelved all of the books and magazines. We were amazed to discover the variety of subject matter that is contained in our “little” library. We have over 2000 items in the collection. There are still a few loose ends to tie up but next time you are in please check it out. If you see Kurt or Jay, please thank them for their efforts as they logged over 100 hours on the project as well as spending a few bucks. There is a list of our collection linked to our website

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