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Friday, April 10, 2009

Maundy Thursday - Des Moines

The Ceremonies of
Extinguishing of the Symbolic Lights
Relighting of the Symbolic Lights and the Twelve

"THE MOMENT when the word was received;when the Cubical Stone was changed into the Mystic Rose; when the Blazing Star re-appeared in all its splendor, the columns of The Temple were re-established and the Working Tools of Masonry were restored; when the True Light dispelled the Darkness, and the New Law began to rule upon the earth."

In the Scottish Rite, darkness often refers to the disappearance of truth and justice in the world.

As the symbolic lights are extinguished, we reflect upon this loss.

By relighting them , we reinforce our belief that as Knights Rose
Croix it is our duty to throw off the mantle of sorrow and darkness and to emulate those historical figures who have brought truth and knowledge to mankind.

This solemn ceremonial is an important part of the ritualistic work of the Chapter Rose
Croix and expresses our commitment to the living of a conscientious and enlightened life.

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