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Thursday, May 14, 2009

University of Freemasonry - 17th Degree

A University of Freemasonry is scheduled for May 21 starting at 7:00 PM in the 2nd floor library.

The 17th degree (Knight of the East and West) well be read with a discussion to follow.

In the past this type of event has run for about an hour and has resulted in a very good evening of discussion and insight from the participants.

This is a great opportunity to explore in a group setting the meanings/lessons of a degree.

The 17th degree is entitled the Knight of the East and West The lessons of this degree are that loyalty to God is man's primary allegiance, and the temporal governments not founded upon God and His righteousness will inevitably fall.

Much of the script for the 17° is taken directly from the Revelation of God through Jesus Christ to St. John the Evangelist which is also called the apocalypse to St. John. This degree teaches us about a virtual army of martyrs that have offered up their lives to prove their faith or to benefit mankind.

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