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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A very impressive ceremony was held this evening to Knight the sixteen new members of the Knights of St. Andrew.

The Knighting Ceremony was written by Brother Kurt Hoffman, 32° who is the Secretary of the Group. Steve Hall, 32° is the Commander and those wishing to join and participate should contact him at, or you can contact the Scottish Rite Office.

The Knights of Saint Andrew was first organized in Oklahoma at the Tulsa Valley. It is an organization composed of "Black Hats" (32° Masons)

The Mission is tentatively:
To serve as a leadership development tool for our membership
To provide opportunities for 32° Members to become more involved in the Rite.
To become a visible, viable entity of the Des Moines Scottish Rite.

The Knights of St. Andrew (KSA) is an organization exclusively for 32° SR Masons with the mission of advancing the mission of the Scottish Rite. SR Valleys across the United States have formed their own KSA organizations and have had a great deal of success.

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