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Thursday, February 25, 2010

University of Freemasonry - Dead Sea Scrolls

Members Lounge
Albert Pike Room
These were the gathering places for the pre-event social where Brothers and their ladies could visit with one another and socialize before the talk. There were around 80 in attendance.

Donald A. Driscoll 33°, Master of Kadosh introduces our speaker.
Lyle Simpson, 33° was the speaker for the evening. Lyle has made an extensive study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and he condensed his six hour course which he taught at Drake University down to an hour for the evening. Over 15,000 Dead Sea Scroll fragments were found in Cave 4 and are being sorted. He told of how the scrolls were found and then discovered because they were being used to wrap food from a market. The Scrolls are ancient copies of every book of the Hebrew canon (Old Testament) have been discovered except for the book of Esther.
Lyle also included the story of Masada in his remarks.
The second half of the presentation, linking the Dead Sea Scrolls to Masonry will be given on November 17. After the meeting I heard several people say they were anxious to attend the next installment.

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