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Monday, May 9, 2011

Scottis Rite Express 5/9/2011

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SR Express
May 9, 2011
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DSM Valley Officers
Shane Harshbarger 33°
Master of Kadosh
Des Moines Consistory

Steven F. Jacobsen 32° KCCH
Venerable Master
Lodge of Perfection

Dan Hobson 32° KCCH
Wise Master
Chapter Rose Croix

John W. Clearman 33°
Council of Kadosh
2011 Calendar
May 11 - Quarterly Meeting & Ascension Service
May 25 - KSA (Knighting Ceremony)
June 10 - Scottish Rite Golf Outing
June 22/23 - University of Free Masonry (Royal Mile)
June 25 - AASR / Masonic Leadership
July 27 - Scottish Rite Recognition Dinner and Awards night
July 31 - AASR Family Ice Cream Social and Games
August 3 - KSA Meeting
August 24 - Shepherd's Tavern Society
August 27 - AASR - One Day Reunion Honoring Richard Noyce 32° KCCH / Ivan Johnson 32° KCCH
September 7 - University of Free Masonry Portrayal of the Scottish Rite 3rd Degree
September 14 - Quarterly Meeting & Elections
September 15 - 17 - Grand Lodge of Iowa (Davenport)
September 22 - Fall Reunion Kick - off
October 26 - Shepherd's Tavern Society
Oct. 28/29 - AASR Fall Reunion (1st Weekend) Ellis Monk 33° Memorial Class
Nov. 11/12 - AASR Fall Reunion (2nd Weekend) Double Eagle Gala
November 30 - University of Free Masonry
December 14 - Quarterly Meeting, Installation, Holiday Party with York Rite
December 27 - KSA Knighting Ceremony
Ascension Service - Wednesday May 11th
York RiteThe officers of the Des Moines Lodge of Perfection and the Des Moines York Rite bodies invite you to our joint York Rite/Scottish Rite Ascension Service to be held on May 11. We will have dinner in the Tapestry Lounge at 6:45 pm. There is no charge for the dinner but a reservation made with the Scottish Rite office would be greatly appreciated (515-288-8927 or  

Garden Salad
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Scalloped Potatoes
Green Beans
Chocolate Cake
Rolls and Butter 
The service of remembrance for our departed brothers from the York Rite and the Scottish Rite will be at 7:30 pm in the Consistory Auditorium.

A special thanks to the members of Des Moines York Rite for developing and coordinating this important evening. This event is open to Masons, their families and guests. 
Quarterly Meeting - Wednesday May 11th
The quarterly meeting of the Des Moines Consistory will be held at 6:00 pm in the Consistory Classroom on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. It will be followed by dinner and the Ascension Service with the Des Moines York Rite bodies.
Knights of St. Andrew Knighting Ceremony
Our Knights of St. Andrew Chapter will be having their knighting of new members on May 25th. It will be at 6:30 pm. All Scottish Rite Masons are invited. The knighting will take place in the Consistory auditorium.

Knights of St. AndrewKnights of St. Andrew is a service organization of the Des Moines Scottish Rite and is open to Masters of the Royal Secret (32°). The Knights coordinate a number of events and activities for our Valley and perform the 28th degree at our reunions. You will also see them providing hospitality at many of our functions. They are also very involved with the coordination of the Scottish Rite Golf outing. If you are interested in joining KSA, please contact Steve Hall, Commander (515-201-3900) or the Scottish Rite office 515-288-8927.
Now Taking Tee Time "Fore" the
Scottish Rite Golf Outing
It is time for the annual Scottish Rite Golf outing. This is your chance to take a Friday afternoon off and spend some time on the course. Our friends at Terrace Hills Golf Course in Altoona have generously allowed us a Friday afternoon to have our outing. The cost is $80 per person. It will include 18 holes of golf (cart included), prizes, and a steak dinner following play. The event is an outing, so keep score if you want but the idea is to have fun. It is open to all. This might be a great chance to invite your non-Masonic golfing buddy along for a chance to see what we are all about.

When? Friday June 10, 2011
Where? Terrace Hills Golf Course, Altoona
How Much? $80 (Fees, cart, dinner, & prizes)
Time? Shotgun start at 12:45 PM.
Why? To have fun and raise money for Scottish Rite Care and the Des Moines Consistory Building Trust.

Please call the office (515-288-8927) to reserve a place and/or to sponsor a hole. 

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