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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scottish Riite Express

One Day Class to Honor
Bob Rice, 32° KCCH

Master of Kadosh, Steve Jacobsen, has chosen to honor Bob Rice, 32° KCCH at our One Day Class to be held next Saturday June 28, 2014.  Bob was very active in both the Scottish Rite and Za Ga Zig Shrine for many years.  He was well known for recruiting new members in both organizations.

This reunion will feature 7 of the Scottish Rite degrees and our first ever presentation of the 19th Degree, Grand Pontiff.  In addition, to the mandatory degrees (4, 14, 18, 30, 32) the 31st degree, Inspector Inquisitor, will be a part of the reunion schedule.  It features an Egyptian motif and causes the candidate to consider his mortality in a very dramatic way.  The entire reunion schedule for next weekend is below.

Following the reunion we will have a social hour with 
hors de oeuvres and toasts to honor our new class members.  There will also be a special toast commemorating the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.  The Battle of Bannockburn has a special connection to the Scottish Rite.  This battle resulted in the creation of the Knight of St. Andrew, which is our 29th degree.

Bobby E. Rice, 32° KCCH 
Memorial Class Reunion

      Saturday June 28, 2014  

7:30 a.m.             Class Orientation   Consistory Classroom  
Lodge of Perfection Degrees
8:15 a.m.             4th Degree           Secret Master
9:05 a.m.             14th Degree          Perfect Elu
Chapter Rose Croix Degrees
10:10 a.m.           18th Degree          Knight Rose Croix
11:25 a.m.           LUNCH
12:15 p.m.           Class Photo                  
Council of Kadosh Degrees
12:30 p.m.           19th Degree         Grand Pontiff
1:30 p.m.             30th Degree         Knight Kadosh
Consistory Degrees
2:55 p.m.             31st Degree         Inspector Inquisitor
4:05 p.m.             32nd Degree    Master of the Royal Secret
                                                           (1st Section)
4:55 p.m.             32nd Degree    Master of the Royal Secret
                                                           (2nd Section)
6:00 p.m.            Class Reception and Social Hour

Food, Fun, Flags, 
 Fireworks & Scottish Rite

Who: Scottish Rite Masons, their friends and families. (All are welcome)
What: Food, Fun, Flags, Fireworks and Scottish Rite
Where: Holiday Inn (Mercy Campus) 1050 6th Ave. Des Moines
When: July 3rd beginning at 6:30 pm
Cost: Picnic Dinner
($10 single or $25 for a family)
Band, Party and Fireworks are Free 

The Des Moines Valley is excited to invite you to a special event for your friends and family on July 3rd. This patriotic event will be held at the Top of the Tower at the Holiday Inn (Mercy Campus) beginning at 6:30 pm.

Call it our Scottish Rite indoor picnic. There will be brats, burgers, hot dogs, sno-cones and chips. The Iowa 34th Army Band brass band ensemble "Scrap Metal" will be providing tunes to liven up the party. They play a wide variety including 70's, 80's and 90's pop, funk and jazz. There will be games and Shrine Clowns for the kids, plus a patriotic tribute as part of the evening of activities.

The Holiday Inn, Top of the Tower, will also provide a great view to watch fireworks at the State Capital and following the Iowa Cubs Game at Principal Park. It is air conditioned, there are no mosquitoes and you don't have to bring a lawn chair.

More About The Iowa 34th Army Band:
Scrap Metal 
Formed in 2012, Scrap Metal is the newest group to the 34th Army Band. They are a modern New Orleans style Brass Band that plays a large variety of music, from current pop tunes to 80s and 90s rock, blues, funk, Ska and riot jazz - there's really no limit to what they'll attempt.  While the members of Scrap Metal are part-time soldiers and musicians, their approach to music and level of professionalism is unmatched.  They pride themselves on their eclectic music selection, improvisation, and most importantly their fun-loving, high-energy performance. The result is a bending of genres, vocals and the best songs in the pop idiom. Top-notch showmanship and wide appeal inspire patriotism which is at the core of the 34th Army Band. It should be noted that they claim no pride whatsoever in their dance skills. 

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