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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Masonic Membership Kick-off

Tonight over 125 men attended the Masonic Membership Kick-off. Many in attendance are candidates to join Masonry and several more are prospective candidates for the Scottish Rite. After enjoying fellowship and a fantastic meal, the group received an exceptional speech by Brother Jeff Kaufmann, 32nd degree. Brother Kaufmann has held a number of elected positions in politics and government, is a History Professor, and still finds time to be a loving husband and devoted father.

 Brother Kaufmann spoke on the issues of fellowship, faith, and brotherly love and how Masonry promotes and develops those concepts among its members. He also spoke about the "snapshots" of special moments in his life that Masonry has provided. From being raised as a Master Mason by his Great Uncle in a very small lodge, to joining the Scottish Rite in 2011 as part of a special class with Governor Branstad and State Representative Tom Sands. Perhaps most importantly, he included examples of how Masonry has positively impacted his professional life. In addition, he spoke on how Masonic principles, it utilized, make men better leaders.

 Overall it was a great night and an example of how our Fraternity can be fun, educational, and meaningful all in one evening.

h/t Charlie Smithson

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