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Friday, April 3, 2015

Scottish Rite Express


Valley of Des Moines
Orient of Iowa

April 2, 2015
22 New Masters of the Royal Secret join at Spring Reunion

This past weekend the Officers and members were excited to welcome 22 new Masters of the Royal Secret joining Scottish Rite at the reunion held in honor of F. Lowell Wagoner 33° and Jerry F. Monroe, 33°.  It was an exciting and busy weekend for everyone.  All of our Scottish Rite committees were hard at work but the stage crew was particularly under pressure with degree work taking place simultaneously in the Symbolic Lodge room and the Auditorium.  We had 8 members receive all 29 Scottish Rite degrees as part of the full reunion (March 13/14 & March 27/28) and 14 more join as part of the One Day class on March 28th.  Our Spring Gala featured a chicken and pork duo that was prepared in excellent fashion by Christiani's catering and was enjoyed by over 200 members and their ladies.  At our banquet, we were pleased to recognize Larry Crist, 32° KCCH as a 50 year member.  Brother Mike Fletcher, 32° KCCH introduced our special guests, the families and friends of our honorees.  Greetings were brought by Jon Wagoner, 33°, brother of Lowell, and Shirley Van Deventer, on behalf of Jerry Monroe.  It was a great evening of Masonic hospitality and fellowship.

Congratulations are due to everyone who helped make this reunion a huge success.  Mark your calendars, the Fall reunion is only a short time away.  It will be held on October 30/31 and November 13/14.  We look forward to another great class and a spectacular Double Eagle Gala.
Row 1: Thomas Bruce II, Jason M. Jewett, Matthew L. Zimmerman, Bryce Hildreth, Dean Schoppe, Thomas A. Pride
Row 2: Austin Coulter, Gerry Miller, Kenneth Ryan, James M. Bump, José L. Latorre Sr. 
Row 3: A.J. Brown, Jason Fenton, Eric Weinberg, Jon Hoffman, Edwin Rosado, K. Steven Deaton
Row 4: James Olsen, Mark Kittrell, Steven Sodders, Taylor McVay, Blake Hilsabeck, Oscar McLamb

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