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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Scottish Rite Express


Valley of Des Moines
Orient of Iowa

December 31, 2015
We have two very exciting educational events coming up in 2016. On January 13th, Ric Berman, the 2016 Prestonian Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of England will be in Des Moines.  He will be presenting a program called "Foundations." It is a lecture on the formation and development of modern Freemasonry in England in the early 1720's.  As far as we can tell this is the first visit of Iowa by a Prestonian lecturer.


Who:          All Master Masons
What:         Foundations: The 2016 Prestonian Lecture
Where:       Des Moines Scottish Rite Masonic Center
When:        January 13, 2016
Schedule:   6:00 Social Hour and Dinner
                   7:00 Presentation by Dr. Berman  
Cost:           $10 per person (RSVP Required by                              January 7, 2016)
RSVP:        Email:

About Dr. Richard Berman

Dr. Richard (Ric) Berman is the Prestonian Lecturer for 2016.  Appointed by the United Grand Lodge of England, he has been a Freemason for almost 40 years.  He is a Past Master of the Marquis of Dalhousie Lodge, No. 1159 (EC); Treasurer of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, No. 2076 (EC), England's oldest research lodge; and a PM of the Temple of Athene Lodge, No. 9541 (EC), the research lodge of the Province of Middlesex.  He also holds London and Provincial Craft Grand Rank.  

Masonic Education Conference

In February, our Scottish Rite Foundation has partnered with the Grand Lodge of Iowa and theMasonic Education Corporation to host the 2016 Masonic Education Conference.  This conference will be held in Des Moines on February 27th.  It will feature guest speakers on the Old Charges, the development of the Masonic ritual, and a presentation on current Masonic membership trends.  That evening will be the presentation of the Entered Apprentice Degree by members of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana.  Louisiana Masonic ritual is quite different that ours in Iowa.  As Louisiana was previously a French colony, there were French Lodges, Spanish Lodges, and British Lodges. Therefore, when Louisiana became a part of the United States, their lodges did as well.  The Grand Lodge of Louisiana recognizes several Masonic rituals.  One of which is a "Scottish Rite" version.  The brothers will be Eagleexemplifying this version of the Entered Apprentice degree.


Saturday, February 27th

9:00 am     Registration/Coffee
10:00 am   Morning Sessions
12:00 pm   Lunch
1:00 pm     Afternoon Sessions
4:00 pm     Social Hour
5:00 pm     Festive Board
                   (Prime Rib)
6:00 pm     EA Degree by GL of LA

Where:      Scottish Rite - Des Moines IA
Cost:         $35.00 per attendee

RSVP by February 15, 2016 to the Grand Lodge of Iowa in Cedar Rapids:
Kevin Smith
PO Box 279
Cedar Rapids IA 52406-0279
Make checks payable to the Grand Lodge of Iowa.



January 13th     U of FM - Ric Berman
January 30th     Blue Lodge Breakfast
February 3rd     SR Annual Meeting
February 18th   Lodge of Perfection Degrees
February 27th   AASR/GL Education Conf.
March 2nd        Barrow's Reunion Kick-off
March 24th       Maundy Thursday
April 8th/9th   Multi-State Reunion
           honoring IIL. Harry S. Barrows, 33 
                          SGIG Emeritus
April 27th         U of FM - Prince Adept
May 11th           SR Quarterly Meeting
May 16th           KSA Knighting
June 10th           AASR Golf Outing
June 24th/25th   Summer AASR Reunion
June 28th/29th   U of FM - Royal Mile
July 25th            AASR Honor's Banquet
August 18th       University of Freemasonry
August 31st       Worker's Dinner/Kick-off
September 14th  SR Quarterly Meeting
October 15th      1st Saturday (4° - 14°)
October 29th      2nd Saturday (15° - 22°)
November 12th  3rd Saturday (23° - 32°)
December 7th     SR Meeting/Holiday Party

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