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Monday, February 15, 2016

Scottish Rite Express


Valley of Des Moines
Orient of Iowa

February 15, 2016

Lodge of Perfection Degrees - This Thursday (February 18)
This Thursday, the Des Moines Valley, Lodge of Perfection, will be conferring the 4th Degree (Secret Master) and the 14th Degree (Perfect Elu).  This is a chance for any Master Mason to petition and start his journey through the Scottish Rite on a Thursday evening. 
These will be the full conferral of each of these two degrees with lights, sound, costumes, the Double Eagle Chorus, etc.  There will be a short education program between the 4th and 14th degrees.  If you do not have a candidate, come join us to watch these great degrees and support our new Scottish Rite members.
We will begin with candidate orientation at 5:30 pm, dinner at 6:00 pm, begin the degree work at 6:45 pm, and wrap up by 9:00 pm with dessert.  Minute steak with mushroom gravy, baked potato, Masonic green beans.  Cost is $10 for AASR members.
The cost to join Scottish Rite is $325 and a petition can be downloaded from the Des Moines Scottish Rite web site.
Sincerely and Fraternally,
Shane A. Harshbarger


February 18th   Lodge of Perfection Degrees
February 27th   AASR/GL Education Conf.
March 2nd        Barrow's Reunion Kick-off
March 24th       Maundy Thursday
April 8th/9th   Multi-State Reunion honoring 
IIL. Harry S. Barrows, 33 ° SGIG Emeritus
April 27th         U of FM - Prince Adept
May 11th           SR Quarterly Meeting
May 16th           KSA Knighting
June 10th           AASR Golf Outing
June 24th/25th   Summer AASR Reunion
June 28th/29th   U of FM - Royal Mile
July 25th            AASR Honor's Banquet
August 18th       University of Freemasonry
August 31st       Worker's Dinner/Kick-off
September 14th  SR Quarterly Meeting
October 15th      1st Saturday (4° - 14°)
October 29th      2nd Saturday (15° - 22°)
November 12th  3rd Saturday (23° - 32°)
December 7th     SR Meeting/Holiday Party

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