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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Scottish Rite Express


Valley of Des Moines
Orient of Iowa

April 6, 2016
Spring Multi State Reunion to honor
SG IG Emeritus Harry S. Barrows, 33°
The 2016 Spring Reunion is this weekend, April 8/9, and is in honor of SGIG Emeritus, Harry S. Barrows, 33°.  This reunion is unique as it will feature degree teams from throughout the Midwest.  It also follows a different format than our past reunions.  

We will begin this Friday, April 8 at 12pm with a welcome luncheon for all SR Masons and our new candidates.  Following lunch we will adjourn to the Consistory auditorium for our reunion opening and reception of candidates.  If you are able to join us, please do so, we are expecting a double digit class (20) candidates and it would be great for them to see a full auditorium for the opening and 4th degree.  We will have several distinguished visitors including our SGIG Gary L. Sissel, 33° and the SGIG for Nebraska, Charles V. Sederstrom, 33°.  The 4th degree will be presented by the members of the Cedar Rapids Valley.  
The entire schedule is below as well as the menus for the meals.  We look forward to seeing you on Friday and Saturday.
If you haven't made your Spring Gala reservations, please do so today, 515-288-8927.  There is a choice of NY Strip or Salmon.  Cost is $25 per person. 

Schedule of Events

      Friday, April 8, 2016
12:00 pm       Welcome Luncheon
Menu: Sausage Cavatelli Garlic Bread, Tiramisu
1:00 pm         Opening of Reunion, Receive Class, Introductions
1:30 pm         4th Degree - Secret Master - Cedar Rapids, IA
2:40 pm         6th Degree - Confidential Secretary - St. Joseph, MO
3:40 pm         9th/10th Degree - Elu of the 9/Elu of the 12 - 
                      Omaha, NE
4:45 pm         14th Degree - Perfect Elu - Des Moines, IA
5:35 pm         Dinner
Grilled Pork Chops, Baked Potato, Mixed Vegetables, Chocolate Chip Cookies
6:20 pm         18th Degree - Knight Rose Croix - Kansas City, MO
7:50 pm         22nd Degree - Prince of Libanus - Des Moines, IA
8:50 pm         Pizza Party

   Saturday, April 9, 2016
8:00 am         21st Degree - Prussian Knight - Minneapolis, MN
9:30 am         27th Degree - Prince Adept - Kansas City, MO
10:35 am       28th Degree - Knight Commander of Temple - 
                     Des Moines, IA
11:25 am       Class Picture
11:45 am        Luncheon
Grilled Hamburgers / Brats, Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, Potato Chips, Nutty Cones
12:30 pm       30th Degree - Knight Kadosh - Sioux City, IA
2:55 pm         31st Degree - Inspector Inquisitor - Des Moines, IA
4:15 pm         32nd Degree - Master of the Royal Secret - 
                      Des Moines, IA
6:15 pm          Social Hour
7:00 pm          Spring Reunion Gala
Menu: Grilled NY Strip or Salmon, Baby Red Potatoes, Coconut Cake


April 8th/9th   Multi-State Reunion
           honoring IIL. Harry S. Barrows, 33 
                          SGIG Emeritus
April 27th         U of FM - Prince Adept
May 11th           SR Quarterly Meeting
May 16th           KSA Knighting
June 10th           AASR Golf Outing
June 24th/25th   Summer AASR Reunion
June 28th/29th   U of FM - Royal Mile
July 25th            AASR Honor's Banquet
August 18th       University of Freemasonry
August 31st       Worker's Dinner/Kick-off
September 14th  SR Quarterly Meeting
October 15th      1st Saturday (4° - 14°)
October 29th      2nd Saturday (15° - 22°)
November 12th  3rd Saturday (23° - 32°)
December 7th     SR Meeting/Holiday Party

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