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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Billy Joe Hildreth Funeral/Updates for Reunion Weekend

Scottish Rite Express

Valley of Des Moines
Orient of Iowa

November 8, 2017
Services for Billy Joe Hildreth, 33°

Visitation: Thursday, November 9, 2017 5:00 pm 
to 8:00 pm
Masonic Service: Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 7:00 pm
Ankeny Church of the Brethren
417 SE Grant St. Ankeny, Iowa 50021
Christian & Knights Templar Services:
November 10, 2017   11:00 am
Ankeny Church of the Brethren
417 SE Grant St. Ankeny, Iowa 50021
Interment will be at the Brethren Cemetery in Elkhart, Iowa

DOUBLE EAGLE GALA " A Night in London"

If you haven't made your reservation, please do so by calling 515-288-8927 or email to

Cost is $55 per person.  It is catered by Barratta's, meal choice of Salmon or Beef Tenderloin.  We have a great evening planned to honor our new Scottish Rite members and Past Master of Kadosh, James A. Spoerl, 33°.  There will be appetizers, libations, banquet, and a band.

Reunion Updates

This is just a quick update in preparation for the reunion this weekend.

The 2017 Fall Reunion in honor of Illustrious Brother James A. Spoerl, 33° will conclude this weekend.  The first weekend and extra Thursday was excellent and I am sure this weekend will be of equal fun and quality.

The class officers are President, Dustin Reed of Arcadia Lodge #249.  Class Secretary is Bill Dayton of Poweshiek #174 and Kevin Griggs of Mt. Olive Lodge #79 is the Orator.

We will kick things off with dinner Friday night in the Tapestry room at 5:15 pm.  The kitchen krew will be preparing a Mexican fiesta (tacos, salsa, rice, refried beans, and cinnamon ice cream).  Cost is $10 per person. 

The Degrees on Friday night are the Philosophical and Religious Degrees of the Council of Kadosh.  They are a serious and symbolic nature.  The 23rd, Chief of the Tabernacle begins at 6:00 pm, followed by 24th at 6:35 pm, 25th at 7:25 pm, 26th at 8:00 pm, and the 27th at 8:40 pm.  They are short degrees and are very profound.  The messages introduced in the 23rd are woven throughout this block of degrees, culminating in the 27th Knight of the Sun.  A bit of trivia, the 27th used to be a mandatory degree.

Feel free to sleep in a bit on Saturday morning as we are starting the 28th Degree, Knight Commander of the Temple at 10:00 am.  This begins the Chivalric (Templar) degrees of the Scottish Rite.  The 28th is a 
great degree with temptation, chivalry, and a great battle scene.  The 29th degree, Knight of St. Andrew, shares the vows and obligations of Knighthood and gives the history of the Knights Templar and their connection to Scottish Rite.

Lunch will be in the Tapestry room and will have be a build your own sandwich buffet.  Lunch begins at 11:40 am.  Cost is $8.

Then it will be back to the auditorium for the finality of the reunion.  The 30th degree, Knight Kadosh begins at 12:35 pm.  This will complete the Council of Kadosh degrees.  The Consistory degrees (31st & 32nd) are completely different in both form and substance.  The 31st degree takes us to Ancient Egypt for the Court of the Dead at 2:05 pm, while the 32nd Degree (3:15 pm) reveals the Royal Secret.

Following the degree work will be our celebration of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Double Eagle Gala.  Social hour begins at 5:30 pm.  Our Master of Kadosh, W. Charles Smithson will be your host for the evening as we welcome our new Masters of the Royal Secret and honor our 50 year members.  We have our SGIG Gary L. Sissel and his lady Carole as well as the family of our honoree James A. Spoel, 33rd degree joining us for the festivities. They will be our special guests for the evening.  Baratta's is catering with a choice of Beef Tenderloin or Salmon as the entrée.  Cost is $55 per person.

Our band for the Double Eagle Gala is "Beaver Creek Jazz".  It is a great band that is always popular with a wide range of songs and styles so bring your dancing shoes.

Reunion Schedule


5:15 PM              DINNER (Tacos)
6:00 PM              23rd Degree    Chief of the Tabernacle
6:35 PM              24th Degree    Prince of the Tabernacle
7:25 PM              25th Degree    Knight of the Brazen                                                        Serpent
8:00 PM              26th Degree    Prince of Mercy
8:40 PM              27th Degree    Knight of the Sun


9:45 AM             CLASS ASSEMBLES
10:00 AM           28th Degree     Knight Commander of                                                     Temple
10:55 AM           29th Degree     Scottish Knight of St.                                                      Andrew
11:25 AM          Class Picture
11:40 AM          LUNCH (Build your own sandwich)
12:35 PM          30th Degree       Knight Kadosh
2:05 PM            31st Degree       Inspector Inquisitor
3:15 PM            32nd Degree      (1st) Master of the                                                          Royal Secret
4:05 PM            32nd Degree      (2nd) Master of the                                                        Royal Secret
5:30 PM            SOCIAL HOUR

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