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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Scottish Rite Express ~ February 20, 2018


Valley of Des Moines
Orient of Iowa

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Scottish Rite

2018  Dates

February 22nd
AASR Annual

March 2nd/3rd
Spring Reunion
(4th-18th Degrees)

March 15th
Spring Reunion
(19th - 22nd Degrees)

March 23rd/24th
Spring Reunion
(23rd-32nd Degrees)

March 29th
Maundy Thursday

May 2nd
AASR Quarterly Meeting

May 16th
One Day Reunion Showcase

Des Moines 
Gregory R. Spooner, 33°
Master of Kadosh
Des Moines Consistory

Wade E. Sheeler, 33°
Venerable Master
Lodge of Perfection

Rusty L. Hill 33°
Wise Master
Chapter Rose Croix

Ryan A. Genest, 32° KCCH 
Council of Kadosh

Shane A. Harshbarger 33° GC

Advisory Conference

Bryce B. Hildreth, 33° 
Personal Representative
Richard G. Langdon, 33° Assistant Personal Representative
Ronald D. Lindhart , 33°
Assistant Personal Representative 
Samuel G. Wise, 33° 
Assistant Personal Representative 
Mark A. Clark, 33°
Assistant Personal Representative 

W. Charles Smithson, 33°
Assistant Personal Representative

Shane A. Harshbarger, 33° GC
Assistant Personal Representative

Richard Koch, Jr., 33°
Assistant Personal Representative

The Scottish Rite Mission Statement
The mission of Des Moines Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is to increase the knowledge of its members through expanded and enlightened teachings of the basic Masonic principles; to expand Masonic Fraternalism; to inform and educate the non-Masonic public about Freemasonry;  to develop, promote, support its charitable projects; and to provide assistance and support to the Symbolic Lodges and Masons in Central Iowa.

2018 Spring Reunion is fast approaching!
Our 2018 Spring Reunion honoring A. Curtis Vandivier, 32° KCCH & Ford C. Thompson, 32° KCCH is just around the corner, in fact it begins next Friday night (March 2nd) at 5:00 pm. This reunion will be held over two weekends and a Thursday evening. We will confer all 29 of the Scottish Rite Degrees. The reunion dates are March 2nd/3rd, March 15th, March 23rd/24th.Following the 32nd degree on March 24th will be our Mardi Gras Party.

Our first weekend will begin on Friday, March 2nd. We will confer the 4th to 8th degrees. Dinner will be served at 5:00 pm in the WT and Edna Dahl Grand Banquet Room. Please make a reservation by calling the SR office (515-288-8927) or

The reunion opening will be at 6:00 pm. If you haven't been to a reunion in the past few years, please consider attending. It isimportant that our new Scottish Rite Masons see as many familiar faces as possible as they begin their Scottish Rite journey.

Saturday, March 3rd will begin promptly at 8:00 am with the 9th Degree, Elu of the Nine. The 9th to the 18th Degrees will be conferred. You might recall our old friends from the 3rd degree reappear. This is a great example of how the Scottish Rite expands on the drama of the Symbolic Lodge. We will portray all of the Lodge of Perfection and Chapter Rose Croix degrees and will finish the day with the 18th degree, Knight Rose Croix. Following the work, we will have a social hour for all in attendance.
On Thursday March 15th, we will begin the Council of Kadosh degr ees.This is always a great night with the 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd degrees. These degrees are always well performed and are fun to watch. There will be social hour and pizza following the 22nd degree.

The 2nd weekend will take place March 23rd/24th with the Council of Kadosh and Consistory degrees. The 2nd Friday will be the philosophical and religious degrees of the Kadosh, the 23rd to 27th degrees. These degrees have amazing depth and challenge us as Masons. They give insight into the early years of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Saturday, March 24th will be the culmination of our Reunion.
We will begin with the 28th degree, Knight Commander of the Temple. It is a great degree with drama, sword fighting and dancing. The end of the day will bring the 32nd degree, Master of the Royal Secret. This degree shares with our new brothers the Holy Doctrine and the Royal Secret. It also gives a brief synopsis of all 32 Scottish Rite degrees.

After the 32nd degree, it will be time to celebrate. We are hav ing a Mardi Gras party. It will feature shrimp, andouille sausage, corn on the cob, crawfish, and blackened chicken alfredo. The event will be a spectacular affair and should be a great party for you and your lady. There will be amazing Cajun food and Zydeco music by our favorite DJ, Bret Agard.

Our party will begin at 6:00 pm. The cost is $28 per person. Due to the menu, we need your reservation in advance. Please make your reservation by March 16th by calling or emailing the Scottish Rite office. Advance payment is requested. This party is open to all so invite your friends.
Being a Scottish Rite Mason is a special thing. If you know of a Master Mason who hasn't joined Scottish Rite, please invite him to be a part of this reunion.

Spring Reunion Schedule

5:00 PM             DINNER BUFFET
5:45 PM             CLASS ASSEMBLES
6:00 PM             RECEIVE CLASS
6:25 PM             4th Degree   Secret Master
7:15 PM             5th Degree   Perfect Master
7:55 PM             6th Degree   Confidential Secretary
8:35 PM             7th Degree   Provost and Judge
9:15 PM             8th Degree   Intendant of the Building
9:40 PM             DISMISSAL

7:45 AM             CLASS ASSEMBLES
8:00 AM             9th Degree     Elu of the Nine
                           10th Degree   Elu of the Fifteen
8:45 AM             11th Degree   Elu of the Twelve
9:35 AM             12th Degree   Master Architect
10:15 AM           13th Degree   Royal Arch of Solomon
10:55 AM           14th Degree   Perfect Elu
11:40 AM           LUNCH
12:30 PM           15th Degree   Knight of the East
1:35 PM             16th Degree   Prince of Jerusalem
2:30 PM             17th Degree   Knight of the East &                                                      West
3:40 PM             18th Degree   Knight Rose Croix
5:00 PM             SOCIAL HOUR

5:00 PM             DINNER
5:45 PM             19th Degree   Grand Pontiff
6:45 PM             20th Degree   Master of the Symbolic                                                    Lodge
7:45 PM             21st Degree   Noachite or Prussian                                                        Knight
8:50 PM             22nd Degree  Knight of the Royal Axe

FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2018
5:15 PM             DINNER
6:00 PM             23rd Degree   Chief of the Tabernacle
6:30 PM             24th Degree   Prince of the Tabernacle
7:20 PM             25th Degree   Knight of the Brazen                                                       Serpent
7:55 PM             26th Degree   Prince of Mercy
8:35 PM             27th Degree   Knight of the Sun

9:45 AM             CLASS ASSEMBLES
10:00 AM           28th Degree   Knight Commander of                                                    Temple
10:50 AM           29th Degree   Scottish Knight of St.                                                      Andrew
11:40 AM           LUNCH
12:30 PM           30th Degree   Knight Kadosh
1:55 PM             31st Degree   Inspector Inquisitor
3:00 PM             32nd Degree  Master of the Royal                                                          Secret (1st)
3:50 PM             32nd Degree  Master of the Royal                                                          Secret (2nd)
5:00 PM             SOCIAL HOUR
6:00 PM             CLASS BANQUET & MARDI 
                          GRAS PARTY

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Scottish Rite Consistory, 519 Park Street, Des Moines, IA 50309

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