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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

University of Freemasonry - July 16, 2008

The Des Moines Scottish Rite celebrated the Feast of St. John at the Royal Mile this evening. This is the 291st Anniversary of the founding of the Grand Lodge of Iowa- June 24, 1717 at the Goose and Gridiron Ale House in London England,

Master of Ceremonies Ron Lindhart led us in the Opening Ode:
( To the tune of God Save the King)

Let Mason's fame resound
Through all the nations round
From pole to pole...

Faith, Hope and Charity
Love and Sincerity
Friendship and Unity
As Ever Free.

Long may our Craft be free,
And may we ever be,
Great as of your..

For many ages past,
Masonry has stood fast,
And may its glory last
Til time"s no more.

M. W. Donald E. Mosier gave a brief talk where he compared the legend of the Third Degree to Beowulf.

Toast Master Lindhart explained the method of giving a toast and many toasts were given followed by the Tyler's Toast and the closing Ode to the tune of Auld Lang Syne

Dear Brothers of the plumb and square,
Come join in cheerful song.
Let every heart and voice prepare
The glad notes to prolong
We're Brothers of the Mystic Tie

We're Brothers True and Free,
Then let our song ascend on high -
God Speed Freemasonry!

Now we must close our labors here.
Though sad it is to part
May Love, Relief and Truth sincere,
Unite each brother's heart.
Now to our homes lets haste away,
Still filled with love and light;
And may each heart in kindness say,
Good night Brother, good night.

The event will be repeated tomorrow night and there are still places available if you call the office. An on-line photo Album of all the pictures from tonight may be viewed by clicking here.
I took a little movie of the method of giving a toast while we were practicing. It is below. Just click on the movie to watch it.

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