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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Worker's Dinner

Most of Masonry consists of volunteers who do the things that need doing because they want to and because they are having fun doing it. There is a great deal of satisfaction to be had when you can take a part in a degree and deliver it so that the candidate has a meaningful experience when he is initiated. I know that I enjoy it.

Unfortunately sometimes we forget. We forget that people are volunteers. And we forget to treat them as such. We grow to just "expect" them to be there every week working and doing the things that need doing. And to a certain point we have every right to make that expectation.

In the Eastern Star Ritual there is a line that means a lot to me - (paraphrased here) "woe unto the faithless and insincere who take upon themselves obligations lightly and forthwith forget them." That says to me that if you say you are going to do something then others have every right to expect that of you.

People do all kinds of volunteering. Volunteers are valuable to an organization. There are a lot of people in the hospitals who sit at desks, check people in, take carts around, etc. They are very needed. If it weren't for them expenses would go up to pay others to do these jobs.

And what do we expect from those volunteers and what should they expect from us. We can expect that they will do the job they said they would do or that they will get someone to substitute for them and they should expect from us: courteous treatment from us and our gratitude. Say Thank you once in awhile for all they do. I just did!

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