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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Reunion October 18 -

Under the Direction of W. Charles Smithson 32°, Junior Warden of the Lodge of Perfection the 12th Degree, Master Architect was impressively performed for the first time ever in the Des Moines Valley. The Knights of St. Andrew first performed this degree as a reading and discussion as a part of the University of Freemasonry. It was decided to add the degree to the repertoire of the Degrees. The class saw a first class presentation today.

In the degree Wisdom, Strength and Beauty are attributes of the Architect and the tools of the Master Architect are placed upon the Altar as symbols of the lessons of the degree. One part of the charge of the degree says: " In another aspect of this degree, the Chief of the Architects,...symbolizes the constitutional executive head or chief of a free government. It teaches us that no republican government can long endure when the people cease to select for their magistrates the best and the wisest of their statesmen. When selecting other than the small, the low, the ignoble, and the obscure, and into such hands for sordid interests, commit the country's destinies."

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