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Friday, October 29, 2010

Scottish Rite Express - 10/29/10

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SR Express
October 29, 2010
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DSM Valley Officers

Donald A. Driscoll 33°

Master of Kadosh

Des Moines Consistory

Shane Harshbarger 33°

Venerable Master

Lodge of Perfection

Dan Hobson 32° KCCH

Wise Master

Chapter Rose Croix

John W. Clearman 33°


Council of Kadosh

Double Eagle Gala Menu

Fresh Spinach Salad
Beef Tenderloin Medallions in Deburgo Sauce
Roasted New Potatoes with Garlic Herbed Butter
Green Beans Almandine
Fresh Baked Rolls and Butter

Fall Reunion and Double Eagle Gala

Last weekend we welcomed 18 new members to Scottish Rite as members of the Glen W. Lamb 32° K.C.C.H. & Eugene L. Smith 32° K.C.C.H. Memorial Class. Things started off great with a grilled pork chop dinner provided by our "Kitchen Krew." From dinner we adjourned to the auditorium for the beginning of the reunion.

Double Eagle Gala As part of our introductions, we were fortunate to have the elected line of the Grand Encampment of the Knights Templar of the U.S.A and the Eminent Grand Master, William H. Koon II. Grand Master Koon, welcomed the members of the class and shared his experience as a Scottish Rite candidate, thirty-three years ago. What a great testament of Masonic unity and cooperation!

The first weekend of the reunion was excellent. We had outstanding degree work by our ritualists as well as huge support from our sound, lights, stage, wardrobe, and class marshals. It takes numerous people to make a successful reunion and we definately had support from everyone involved.

However, we have only enjoyed half of the planned festivities. We still have degrees to perform, lessons to learn and fun to share. It all begins with our BBQ rib dinner on Friday night, November 5th at 5:00 pm. The work begins at 6:00 pm with the 20th degree, the Master of the Symbolic Lodge.

On Saturday, November 6th following the degree work, we will have our huge celebration of Scottish Rite Masonry, the Double Eagle Gala. The Double Eagle Gala will be held immediately following the 32nd degree at 5:30 pm. Get ready for red, white, blue, and gold in observance of this patriotic time of year and don't forget your dancing shoes. The gala will feature a live band, "Freestyle," dinner by Great Caterers of Iowa, and remarks from our new Scottish Rite Masons.

If you haven't made your reservations now is the time. This cost is just $35 per person and tickets are going fast. A call (515-288-8927) or email ( to the Scottish Rite office is all it takes to reserve your spot for this spectacular event.

Glen W. Lamb 32° K.C.C.H. & Eugene L. Smith 32° K.C.C.H. Memorial Class members

Floyd Duane Avey
Exodus #342 by Tommy J. Smith

Daniel Lee Beyer

Waveland Park #654 byDaniel R. Hobson

William Lee Carlson

Gnemeth #577 by Thomas Cox

Glenn David Clark

Capital #110 by Mark A. Clark

Joseph Ryan Donald

Montague #117 by Adam W. Clemons

Robert Lee Dugger

Ashler #111 by Doc Calkin

Thomas Howard Harvey

Bower #464 byAdam W. Clemons

Nathaniel Aaron Hedin Schmidt

Mt Vernon #112 by Matthew Peake

Erik Michael Helland

Acanthus #110 by Brian D. Pappaducas

Ronald Kenneth Holte

Mirza #609 by Kevin T. Christians

Kenneth Darwin Larsen

Evening Star #43 by Kenneth K. Collins

Thomas Frank Malicoat

Waveland Park #654 by Daniel R. Hobson

Nicholas James McGahan

Acanthus #110 by Ronald D. Lindhart

Michael Andrew Miller

Operative # 308 by Steven E. Layton

Chad James Rohlfsen

Acanthus #110 by Stephen Hall

Russell Eugene Saffell

Acanthus #110 by Matthew A. Risberg

Carl Jean Van Der Kamp

Preston # 218 by Wade E. Sheeler

Ryan Graham Williams

Hermon #273 by Matthew Peake

Glen W. Lamb 32° K.C.C.H. & Eugene L. Smith 32° K.C.C.H. Memorial Class Schedule

NOVEMBER 5, 2010

6:00 PM The 20th Degree Master of the Symbolic Lodge
7:20 PM The 21st Degree Noachite or Prussian Knight
8:50 PM The 22nd Degree Knight of the Royal Axe

NOVEMBER 6, 2010
8:15 AM The 27th Degree Knight of the Sun, Prince Adept
9:25 AM The 28th Degree Knight Commander of the Temple
10:30 AM The 29th Degree Scottish Knight of St. Andrew
11:35 AM The 30th Degree Knight Kadosh
12:30 PM LUNCH

1:30 PM The 31st Degree Inspector Inquisitor
3:00 PM The 32nd Degree The Royal Secret (1st Section)
4:15 PM The 32nd Degree The Royal Secret (2nd Section)


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