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Monday, April 11, 2011

Scottish Rite Express

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SR Express
April 11, 2011
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DSM Valley Officers
Shane Harshbarger 33°
Master of Kadosh
Des Moines Consistory

Steven F. Jacobsen 32° KCCH
Venerable Master
Lodge of Perfection

Dan Hobson 32° KCCH
Wise Master
Chapter Rose Croix

John W. Clearman 33°
Council of Kadosh
2011 Calendar
April 15/16 - AASR - Spring Reunion (2nd Weekend) Spring Fling Party
April 20 - Maundy Thursday (Out of town)
April 21 - Maundy Thursday (Des Moines)
May 11 - Quarterly Meeting & Ascension Service
May 25 - KSA (Knighting Ceremony)
June 10 - Scottish Rite Golf Outing
June 22/23 - University of Free Masonry (Royal Mile)
June 25 - AASR / Masonic Leadership
July 27 - Scottish Rite Recognition Dinner and Awards night
July 31 - AASR Family Ice Cream Social and Games
August 3 - KSA Meeting
August 24 - Shepherd's Tavern Society
August 27 - AASR - One Day Reunion Honoring Richard Noyce 32° KCCH / Ivan Johnson 32° KCCH
September 7 - University of Free Masonry Portrayal of the Scottish Rite 3rd Degree
September 14 - Quarterly Meeting &Elections
September 15 - 17 - Grand Lodge of Iowa (Davenport)
September 22 - Fall Reunion Kick - off
October 26 - Shepherd's Tavern Society
Oct. 28/29 - AASR Fall Reunion (1stWeekend) Ellis Monk 33° Memorial Class
Nov. 11/12 - AASR Fall Reunion (2nd Weekend) Double Eagle Gala
November 30 - University of Free Masonry
December 14 - Quarterly Meeting, Installation, Holiday Party with York Rite
December 27 - KSA Knighting Ceremony
AASR Reunion Party this Weekend!
This is a big week at the Scottish Rite as plans are being finalized for the conclusion of the 2011 Spring reunion in honor of Marvin A. Pomerantz, 33°.  Our ritualists, along with sound, stage, wardrobe, and lights are practicing for the degrees on Friday night and Saturday.  The members of the Double Eagle Chorus are rehearsing and getting ready to  share with you, their musical talents.   The tylers and marshals have their schedules in place and will be there to greet you during the reunion.  The kitchen krew and dining room committees will be hard at work preparing dinner on Friday night at Saturday lunch.  Best of all we have a great class of new candidates to celebrate with at the "Paint it Red Party" and banquet.
Things to Know for the Reunion
  • There will be a cavetelli dinner on Friday night at 5 pm in the Tapestry Lounge
  • Count Reinfred will be claiming lands that are not his in the 21st
  • Dress on Friday is business casual.
  • "A workman's life is the life for"...those performing the 22nddegree
  • Saturday morning at 8 am will be the 23rd degree, Chief of the Tabernacle.  This will be the 1st time the Des Moines Valley has performed this degree.
  • The sun, the moon, the stars are all part of the 27th degree
  • Ballroom dancing, betrayal, and war can be seen in the 28th degree
  • The lunch on Saturday will be grilled hamburgers and brats at 12:05 pm in the Tapestry Lounge.
  • Learn about Jacques de Molay in the 29th and 30thdegrees.
  • Thoth and the boys will "weigh" your sins in the 31st
  • Join us and celebrate as we honor the new class members and 50 yr Scottish Rite members at the class banquet
  • The "Paint it Red Party" will be catered by Great Caterers of Iowa and will feature a grilled filet and raspberry cheesecake.  Reservations are due today, April 11, 2011.  Cost is $35 per person.  RSVP 515-288-8927 or
  • Social hour at 6 pm, Dinner at 7 pm, Dance/Party at 8 pm
  • Select entertainment will provide the music and lights for dancing
  • Dress for the party/banquet is coat and tie but Red is the "in" color
  • Brian Webber of Waveland Park Lodge #654 is the Class President, Class Orator is Frank Veach, Gnemeth Lodge #577, and the Class Secrtary is Jon Van Dusselldorp of Newton #59.
Monday, April 11, 2011
Reservations for the Class Banquet and "Paint it Red Party" due
32nd Degree - Technical rehearsal at 7 pm

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
27th Degree - Technical rehearsal at 6 pm
21st Degree - Technical rehearsal at 7 pm

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Scottish Rite Officer's Meeting at 5:30 pm
30th Degree - Technical Rehearsal at 6 pm
31st Degree - Technical Rehearsal at 7 pm

Thursday, April 14, 2011
22nd Degree - Technical Rehearsal at 6 pm
28th Degree - Technical Rehearsal at 8 pm

Friday, April 15, 2011
5 pm Cavetelli Dinner ($10)
6 pm 20th Degree - Master of the Symbolic Lodge
7:20 pm 21st Degree - Prussian Knight
8:50 pm 22nd Degree - Knight of the Royal Axe

Saturday, April 16, 2011
7:30 am Class Assembles
8:00 am 23rd Degree - Chief of the Tabernacle
9:10 am 27th Degree - Prince Adept
10:20 am 28th Degree - Knight Commander of the Temple
11:25 am 29th Degree - Knight of St. Andrew
12:05 pm LUNCH
1:00 pm 30th Degree - Knight Kadosh
2:30 pm 31st Degree - Inspector Inquisitor
3:45 pm 32nd Degree - Master of the Royal Secret
6:00 pm Social Hour
7:00 pm Class Banquet
8:00 pm "Paint it Red Party" 

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