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Friday, April 8, 2011

Scottish Rite Express

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SR Express
April 8, 2011
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DSM Valley Officers
Shane Harshbarger 33°
Master of Kadosh
Des Moines Consistory

Steven F. Jacobsen 32° KCCH
Venerable Master
Lodge of Perfection

Dan Hobson 32° KCCH
Wise Master
Chapter Rose Croix

John W. Clearman 33°
Council of Kadosh
2011 Calendar
April 15/16 - AASR - Spring Reunion (2nd Weekend) Spring Fling Party
April 20 - Maundy Thursday (Out of town)
April 21 - Maundy Thursday (Des Moines)
May 11 - Quarterly Meeting & Ascension Service
May 25 - KSA (Knighting Ceremony)
June 10 - Scottish Rite Golf Outing
June 22/23 - University of Free Masonry (Royal Mile)
June 25 - AASR / Masonic Leadership
July 27 - Scottish Rite Recognition Dinner and Awards night
July 31 - AASR Family Ice Cream Social and Games
August 3 - KSA Meeting
August 24 - Shepherd's Tavern Society
August 27 - AASR - One Day Reunion Honoring Richard Noyce 32° KCCH / Ivan Johnson 32° KCCH
September 7 - University of Free Masonry Portrayal of the Scottish Rite 3rd Degree
September 14 - Quarterly Meeting &Elections
September 15 - 17 - Grand Lodge of Iowa (Davenport)
September 22 - Fall Reunion Kick - off
October 26 - Shepherd's Tavern Society
Oct. 28/29 - AASR Fall Reunion (1stWeekend) Ellis Monk 33° Memorial Class
Nov. 11/12 - AASR Fall Reunion (2nd Weekend) Double Eagle Gala
November 30 - University of Free Masonry
December 14 - Quarterly Meeting, Installation, Holiday Party with York Rite
December 27 - KSA Knighting Ceremony
Paint it Red Party!
It is just a week away, our "Paint it Red Party".  This party is our celebration of Scottish Rite Masonry.  Our Consistory will be decked out in lavish fashion to celebrate this auspicious occasion.  It will be held on April 16, 2011 beginning with cocktails and hors de oeuvres at 6:00 pm.  Our banquet honoring the members of the Marvin A. Pomerantz, 33° Memorial Class will be at 7:00 pm.  Following the banquet, it is time for partying and dancing.  For your enjoyment, a variety of music will be provided by "Select Entertainment."

Grilled Beef Filet with Wild Rice and California Medley
Fresh Baked Rolls and Butter
Raspberry Cheesecake

Red dresses, hats, shirts, ties, or jackets would certainly be in style, but the choice is yours.  It is not a black tie affair.  Cost is $35 per person.  Reservations and advance payment are requested by April 11th, 515-288-8927  Free parking will be available in the American Republic Ramp, directly east of the Consistory building on Park Street.  See you on April 16th!!
Pomerantz Reunion Schedule (2nd weekend)
FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011
5:00 PM                                 DINNER
5:45 PM                                 CLASS ASSEMBLES
6:00 PM                                 20th Degree
7:20 PM                                 21st Degree
8:50 PM                                 22nd Degree

7:30 AM                                CLASS ASSEMBLES                              
8:00 AM                                23rd Degree
9:10 AM                                27th Degree
10:20 AM                              28th Degree
11:25 AM                              29th Degree
12:05 PM                              LUNCH                  
1:05 PM                                 30th Degree-Knight Kadosh
2:30 PM                                 31st Degree
3:45 PM                                 32nd Degree-The Royal Secret        (1st Section)
4:45 PM                                 32nd Degree-The Royal Secret        (2nd Section)

SOCIAL HOUR                       6:00 PM
DINNER                                  7:00 PM
Maundy Thursday Services
MaundyServices will be held at the Scottish Rite on April 21st.  The Extinguishing of the Lights will be at 6:15 pm followed by a Yankee Pot Roast dinner.  The 12 Soliloquies & the Relighting of the Lights will be after dinner.  The cost for dinner is $12 for adults and $5 for children under 14.  This event is open to all. Please RSVP by April 18th.

Scottish Rite Consistory | 519 Park Street | Des Moines | IA | 50309

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