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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quarterly Meeting - Election of Officers

Members gathered for a meal prepared by the Kitchen Krew prior to the Quarterly Meeting.  The Hamburgers, Brats, baked Beans and cole slaw supper was delicious and the fellowship was enjoyed by all.  

Following supper the members retired to the Classroom for the Quarterly meeting.  

Master of Kadosh, Shane Harshbarger opened the meeting with the usual proclamation followed by prayer and 
the Pledge of Allegiance.

Reports from the Secretary, Treasurer, Lighting crew were received.

We are at 32 new Masters of the Royal Secret so far this year.
            Kick off for the Fall Reunion is Sept 22 -  

26 of the 29 degrees are planned for the Fall Reunion
  • Greg Spooner announced a 
Membership Meeting Tuesday evening at Sambetti’s  6 PM  He said that for theFall Reunion -  We need all your help to bring in new members,  Keep the Scottish Rite in mind,  Ask Brothers if they are interested in joining the Scottish Rite. We currently have a goal of 30 more members for the Fall Reunion. 

 The Reunion dates are October 28 and 29 and November 11 and 12.  Twenty-six of the twenty-nine degrees will be a part of the class which is names for Ellis E. Monk 33   Balloting on Candidates will be on October 12 ans 19.

Cost of the Gala (Nov.12) will be $50 a person with a discounted price of $40 each for those who reserve early.  Details to be announced.

Election of Officers was held with the following results:

Master of Kasosh – John Clearman
Prior – Eldon Walton
Preceptor – Kay Greaney
Council of Kadosh

Commander – Bryce Hildredth
Greg Spooner –1st Lt. Commander
Michael Miller – 2nd Lt. Commander

Personal Rep Knoll mentioned the fundraising efforts which are underway which will fund several projects.  We have a goal of raising $125,000.  
We have a donar who will give us $10,000 if we raise $20,000.   Some projects have been started.  The money is being raised for the Des Moines Consistory Building Trust and are tax-deductable.

 Following the meeting Master of Kadosh Harshbarger gave an interesting presentation on the first three degrees of Freemasonry as written by Albert Pike and exemplified by some of the Southern Scottish Rite Lodges.
 The presentation was extremely interesting and pointed out the many differences between the Pike degrees and the first three degrees which are a part of American Grand Lodges.

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