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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Herbert M. Smith 33 Class Reunion Recap

What an amazing couple of weekends!  The members of the Herbert M. Smith, 33 Memorial Class experienced some of the best work and hospitality of the Des Moines Scottish Rite.

After spending nearly two full weekends drinking from the fire hose that is the Scottish Rite work, participating in 27 of the 29 degrees of the Southern Jurisdiction, the members of the class escaped to the islands.

As snow fell outside, members of the class donned their Hawaiian shirts, and joined their ladies and guests in the Grand Banquet room that had been transformed into a tropical paradise, complete with live fish on the tables, and palm trees adorning the room.

Upon enjoying a meal that was straight from the islands (pineapple, mango, sweet potatoes  macadamia nut ice cream, and more) the program began with the usual Masonic introductions, and then the officers of the Herbert M. Smith, 33 Memorial Class shared their reactions to they had just experienced.  Class President Dylan W. Rasmussen, 32 having just served as the active candidate in the 32nd degree, shared his thoughts, then introduced class Secretary/Treasurer Lee Roy W. Porter, Jr, 32 who presented a gift on behalf of the class to the Valley to assist in the building improvement endeavors.  David E. Funk, 32 as the class Orator gave an excellent talk on his reactions to the work, and the applicability of its lesson in the world at large.

Then the music started, and nearly everyone present found themselves on the dance floor at some point in the evening, as music provided by Absolute Music DJ kept everyone enjoying the evening.

An absolutely perfect finish to a great reunion!  Welcome members of the Herbert M. Smith  33 Memorial Class to your Scottish Rite!


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