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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scottish Rite Express

19 New Members join the Herb M. Smith Reunion!
Our 2013 Herb M. Smith, 33° Memorial Reunion began this past Friday, March 8th with the work of the Lodge of Perfection and Chapter Rose Croix.  The evening began with an outstanding pork loin dinner prepared by Dick Hudnall, 33° and his amazing "Kitchen Krew". 

Following dinner was the opening of the reunion.  One of the highlights of the opening was Ron Husted, 32° and his bagpipes.  He piped in the Scottish Rite Officers and the members of the Advisory Conference escorted by the Knights of St. Andrew.  Class Marshal, Greg Van Vark, 32° KCCH then introduced us to the 19 members of the class.  Our opening consists of a new format and explanation of the Scottish Rite degrees prepared by our ritual directors, Brian Pappaducas, 33° and W. Charles Smithson, 32° KCCH.  If you haven't seen it, come check it out.  It is excellent.  The work began with the 4th Degree, Secret Master and concluded Friday evening with the 8th Degree, Intendant of the Building.

Saturday morning came quickly and the reunion started off a couple of minutes early with the 9th and 10th degree led by Degree Master, Craig L. Davis, 32° KCCH.  Saturday was a busy day as we performed the 9th through the 18th degrees.

Last fall we moved the location of the sound board to a new location in the balcony.  This March, we moved the lighting control board to this location as well.  Thanks to Mark Cook, 32°, Jeremy Phillips, 32° KCCH of the sound committee and Terry Hudik, 32° KCCH, Chairman of our lighting committee, for their effort in making this change.  The table and platform was built by John Clearman, 33°, Greg Spooner, 32° KCCH and  Bill Clark, 33°.

It takes hundreds of members to put on a reunion.  There were approximately 90 different Scottish Rite Masons doing ritual and over 25 members  in the Double Eagle Chorus  during the 1st weekend.  In addition to the committees already mentioned, it takes stage crew, wardrobe, tylers, dining room committee, and the mail crew to make a reunion happen.  Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 1st weekend reunion festivities.  It was a great start to our 2013 year.  See you on March 22nd for the 2nd weekend festivities.  
Be sure to check out the invitation to the  Scottish Rite Trip to the Islands Party!
                                 FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013
5:00 PM         DINNER

                             COUNCIL OF KADOSH DEGREES
6:00 PM         20th Degree     
7:10 PM         21st Degree      
8:20 PM         22nd Degree
9:00 PM         DISMISSAL

                                 SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2013
8:00 AM           23rd Degree     
8:40 AM           24th Degree     
9:15 AM           26th Degree     
10:10 AM         27th Degree     
11:10 AM         28th Degree     
11:55 PM         LUNCH
12:50 PM         29th Degree     
1:35 PM            30th Degree     

                                       CONSISTORY DEGREES
2:55 PM             31st Degree
4:10 PM             32nd Degree     (1st Section)
5:10 PM             32nd Degree     (2nd Section)    

                                            SCOTTISH RITE
                                  Trip to the Islands Party
6:15 PM           SOCIAL HOUR
7:00 PM           DINNER & PARTY
Herb M. Smith 33° Memorial Class

LodgeTop Line Signer
Chad C. AreyDaylight #660Ricky A. Hubbell
Joseph J. BartusekHarding #64Gregory L. Andersen
Grant W. BridgfordGnemeth #577Richard Koch, Jr.
Bryon A. BrowderSouth Gate #657Gene R. Hatfield
Christopher A. Coffman  Gnemeth #577Richard G. Terp
David E. FunkW Gate Adelphic #509E. Jay Coon
David G. GreenGnemeth #577Robert R. Meyer
Michael D. GreeneFaith #179Gene R. Hatfield
Cody M. Kesling King David #407Danny N. Middleton
Donnie D. McGee     East Gate #630  Gene R. Hatfield
Mark A. MullenPella #55Dante P. Vitullo III
Brian J. NelsonDaylight #660Ricky A. Hubbell
Deen C. OscarsonMahaska #644       Dante P. Vitullo III
LeeRoy W. Porter, Jr.South Gate #657Craig L. Davis
Dylan W. RasmussenSouth Gate #657Joshua L. Williams
Kenneth G. SobocinskiSouth Gate #657Gene R. Hatfield
Brian M. TruexHarding #649Steven F. Jacobsen
Dante P. Vitullo IIITri Council #644Chad J. Rohlfsen
Harvey N. WoodyLogic #636Kurt M. Hoffmann

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