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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Scottish Rite Express


Valley of Des Moines
Orient of Iowa

October 28, 2015

Eagle Des Moines Scottish Rite Reunion
It has been a very busy October, particularly the past few weeks with practices and honor conferrals but the2015 Fall Reunion honoring John D. Japhet,33° and Alfred L. Jensen, 32° KCCH is quickly approaching.  This reunion will be held over two weekends and we will confer all 29 of the Scottish Rite Degrees. 

The reunion dates are October 30th/31st & November 13th/14th.  Following the 32nd degree on November 14th will be the Double Eagle Gala.

Our first weekend will begin on Friday, October 30th.  We will confer the 4th to 8th degrees.  Dinner ($10) will be served at 5:00 pm in the WT and Edna Dahl Grand Banquet Room.  Dinner will be grilled pork loin chops, baked potato, vegetable, salad, and dessert.  Please make a reservation be calling the SR office (515-288-8927) or

The reunion opening will be at 6:00 pm.  The opening is where our candidates get their first taste of Scottish Rite ritual.  It is also important that our new Scottish Rite Masons see familiar faces on their special night and a full auditorium.

October 31st will begin promptly at 8:00 am with the 9th Degree, Elu of the Nine.  You might recall our old friends from the 3rd degree reappear.  This is a great example of how the Scottish Rite expands on the drama of the Symbolic Lodge.  Lunch will be sausage cavetelli.  We will portray all of the Lodge of Perfection and Chapter Rose Croix degrees and will finish the day with the 18th degree, Knight Rose Croix.  Following the work, we will have a social hour/pizza party for all in attendance.

The 2nd weekend of the reunion will take place November 13th/14th with the Council of Kadosh and Consistory degrees.  The 2nd Friday is always a great night with the 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd degrees.  These degrees are always well performed and a great deal of fun to watch.

Saturday, November 14th will be the culmination of our Reunion.  We will begin with the 23rd degree, Chief of the Tabernacle, at 7:30 am.  The 23rd to 26th degrees are recent additions to our reunion schedule, each having been portrayed only a few times.  They are the philosophical degrees of the Council of Kadosh and give insight into the early years of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.  If you haven't seen them yet, you are always welcome to be a sideliner during a degree.

The end of the day will bring the 32nd degree, Master of the Royal Secret.  This degree shares with our new brothers the Holy Doctrine and the Royal Secret.  It also gives a brief synopsis of all 29 Scottish Rite degrees.

Following the 32nd degree, it will be time to celebrate.  All Scottish Rite Masons, their ladies, and friends are invited to celebrate with our new class of candidates at the "Double Eagle Gala".  Social hour will begin at 6:00 pm with hors de oeuvres and libations.  At 7:00 pm we will have our banquet honoring our new Scottish Rite Masons and Illustrious Brother John D. Japhet, 33° and Most Worshipful Brother Alfred L. Jensen 32° KCCH.  The menu will feature a choice of beef tenderloin or salmon prepared by Baratta's Restaurant and Catering."Freestyle Dance Band" will begin at 8:00 pm for dancing for you and your lady. 

The cost is $45 per person.  Please make your reservation by November 6th by calling or emailing the Scottish Rite office.  Advance payment is requested.
2015 Japhet/Jensen Full Reunion Schedule

5:00 PM             DINNER BUFFET
5:45 PM             CLASS ASSEMBLES
6:00 PM             RECEIVE CLASS

6:25 PM             4th Degree   Secret Master
7:10 PM             5th Degree   Perfect Master
7:55 PM             6th Degree   Confidential Secretary
8:30 PM             7th Degree   Provost and Judge 
9:10 PM             8th Degree   Intendant of the Building
9:45 PM             DISMISSAL

7:45 AM             CLASS ASSEMBLES
8:00 AM             9th Degree     Elu of the Nine
                         10th Degree   Elu of the Fifteen
8:50 AM             11th Degree   Elu of the Twelve
9:40 AM             12th Degree   Master Architect
10:15 AM           13th Degree   Royal Arch of Solomon
11:00 AM           14th Degree   Perfect Elu
12:05 PM                     LUNCH

1:00 PM             15th Degree   Knight of the East
2:00 PM             16th Degree   Prince of Jerusalem
3:00 PM             17th Degree   Knight of the East & West
4:00 PM             18th Degree   Knight Rose Croix
5:15 PM                      SOCIAL HOUR

5:00 PM                      DINNER

5:45 PM             19th Degree   Grand Pontiff
6:45 PM             20th Degree   Master of the Symbolic                                                   Lodge
7:45 PM             21st Degree    Noachite or Prussian                                                       Knight
8:55 PM             22nd Degree   Knight of the Royal Axe

7:15 AM                      CLASS ASSEMBLES
7:30 AM             23rd Degree    Chief of the Tabernacle
8:05 AM             24th Degree    Prince of the Tabernacle
8:55 AM             25th Degree    Knight of the Brazen                                                      Serpent
9:35 AM             26th Degree    Prince of Mercy
10:15 AM           27th Degree    Knight of the Sun
11:15 AM           28th Degree    Knight Commander of                                                      Temple
11:50 AM                    LUNCH
12:40 PM           29th Degree   Scottish Knight of St.                                                       Andrew
1:25 PM            30th Degree    Knight Kadosh

2:50 PM             31st Degree   Inspector Inquisitor
4:00 PM             32nd Degree  Master of the Royal Secret                                              (1st)
4:55 PM             32nd Degree  Master of the Royal Secret                                              (2nd)
6:00 PM                      SOCIAL HOUR
6:45 PM                      CLASS BANQUET & DOUBLE EAGLE                                   GALA


The Knight of the Double Eagle is an award to recognize
efforts in growing and supporting the Des Moines Valley
of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. 
It is available for any member of the Valley, regardless of age, length of
membership, other honors, or offices held. 

Section #1 - Required achievements:
(must accomplish each achievement)

  • Serve as a member of a committee or a degree team for the Spring & Fall Reunions
  • Top-line sign one petition for the Scottish Rite
  • Complete the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Iprogram
  • Attend at least 3 Valley events during the calendaryear not used in Section #2

Section #2 - Category achievements:
(must accomplish one achievement  from each area)

  • Participate in Meals from Heartland event
  • Golf or volunteer at the Scottish Rite Golf Outing
  • Donate $100 to the Friends of the Des MoinesConsistory
  • Donate $100 to the Iowa Scottish Rite MasonicFoundation

  • Attend two University of Freemasonry events
  • Complete the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman II orSymbolic Lodge Edition program
  • Watch or perform in a degree from each of the 4bodies of the Scottish Rite
  • Write a paper for publication by the Des MoinesValley

  • Bring a Scottish Rite prospect to the SpringReunion Kick-off or Membership Appreciation Dinner
  • Bring a Scottish Rite prospect to the Fall ReunionKick-off
  • Top line sign an additional petition to therequirement listed in Section #1
  • Bring the Master or one of the Wardens of your Symbolic Lodge to the Blue Lodge Breakfast

  • Serve as an officer in your Symbolic lodge
  • Bring a prospect for Freemasonry to a kick-offevent
  • Top line sign a new member into your SymbolicLodge
  • Assist with a degree conferral at a Symbolic Lodgeother than your own

Upon successful completion, the recipient shall receive a certificate recognizing him as a Knight of the Double Eagle, a Knight of the Double Eagle jewel to be worn along with his Scottish Rite cap, his name listed on the Valley website, and his name upon a Knight of the Double Eagle plaque in the Des Moines Valley library.

All areas must be complete prior to December 31, 2015.  Contact Shane Harshbarger for additional details.

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