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Monday, February 25, 2008

Friends of the Des Moines Consistory

“The Premier Masonic Building in Iowa” Friends of the Des Moines Consistory

John Clearman 33° & Mark Clark 33° collected

over $20,000 in donations and pledges at the
2008 launch party.
“Outstanding! The evening was simply outstanding” said Mark Clark 33° at the end of the Friends of the Des Moines Consistory Fund-raiser. On Friday night, over 100 SR Masons and their ladies gathered at our launch party for our 2008 renovations.

The evening had many highlights, the wine & cheese, the company, the buffet, the music but what made it one to remember was the John
generosity of those in attendance. Over $20,000 was raised for our 2008 campaign, which will be the air conditioning of the Tapestry Lounge, 2nd floor restrooms, and the Blue Lodge room. In addition a challenge was offered by Jim Windsor 33° and Dick Langdon 33°. If the members of the DSM Consistory can raise $40,000 they will each add $5000 to make it $50,000. If the members of SR will donate a total of $50,000 by May 1st, they will each donate $10,000 to make our 2008 fund-raising total $70,000.

During his remarks, Jim commented that his wish would be that each member of the Des Moines Consistory make some sort of donation. He said “All donations matter, let’s show the city of Des Moines how much we believe in the preservation of one of the great treasures of Des Moines.”

Thank you to all members of the DSM Valley who continue to share their time, talents, and wealth to make our building, “The Premier Masonic Building in Iowa.” If you would like to donate to the 2008 campaign, please make your check payable to the Des Moines Consistory Building Trust.

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