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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Meeting Night

Lots of activity at the Consistory tonight. But none in the newly remodeled "skybox" room on the 4th floor.

The Officers held their meeting in the Classroom.

The planning meeting for the Knights of St. Andrew met in the 33 degree room. Steering Committee members Kurt Hoffman, Doug Petty, Steve Hall and Jeremy Davis. The first meeting is next Monday Night.

George Carr was meeting with his computer doing some Foundation business when I intruded to take his picture.
A chili and taco bake supper. Spicy.
Master of Kadosh Brian held the annual meeting. He kept things moving and reports were made about the Spring Reunion plans. It is time to start getting petitions.

Shane gave his report about the use of the building and membership figures. I have asked him to send me the Power Point so I can put the information on here. The use of the building statistics and the projects which were done in 2007. Friday Night at the Friends of the Consistory meeting we will hear the plans for 2008.

Shane emphasized that the $50.00 donations from members really are important and do add up, so anything a member can afford is helpful.

Following the meeting several of us went to the auditorium to take pictures of the flags for the next "Lost Lecture" You can see all of the pictures from tonight by clicking on Shane's picture or here.

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