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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coming Event

Coming to Montague Lodge # 117 in Eldora, Iowa
April 8, 2009
The Des Moines Scottish Rite Bodies
The 12 Soliloquies
The Extinguishing and the Relighting Ceremonies

This event is open to all Masons, their guests and the general public.

Today our way of life refers to the disappearance of truth and justice in the world. As the symbolic lights are extinguished, we reflect upon this loss. Let there be light. We reinforce our belief that we through off the mantle of sorrow and darkness and emulate those historical figures who have brought truth and knowledge to mankind. This Ceremonial is an important part of our commitment to a conscientious and enlightened life.

Place: Montague Lodge # 117 1305 23rd Avenue, Eldora, IA
Time: 6:00 PM
7:00 PM - the Extinguishing Ceremony followed by the Soliloquies and the Relighting Ceremony
Dinner Reservations are required by April 3, 2009
Dinner cost: $10/00
or by telephone - 515-288-8927

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