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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scottish Rite Express

Spring Reunion (Full Reunion)
The 2009 Spring Scottish Rite reunion honoring Paul Knapp 33° is just 17 days away. The reunion will begin on Friday, March 27th with Candidate Orientation beginning at 4:00 pm in the Consistory Classroom. Dinner will be served at 5:00 pm ($10). We will receive the members of the Knapp class at 5:45 pm and the 4th degree will commence at 6:20 pm. The complete schedule for the Knapp Class is attached to this email. The cost to join is $300 ($200 Initiation fee & $100 dues). We will be balloting on petitions this Wednesday, March 11th and again on March 18th so if you have petitions please submit them to the office as soon as possible. A petition is attached to this email as well. Reunion dates are March 27/28 (4° - 18°) & April 17/18 (19° - 32°)

Spring Reunion (Condensed)
A special condensed Scottish Rite Reunion will be held on April 17/18. By joining this condensed class, your candidate will receive the 4° ,14°, 18°, 21° , 22° , 30° , 31° , 32° in full form. The 21st Prussian Knight and 22nd Knight of the Royal Axe are particular favorites of the Master of Kadosh and are included in this special reunion honoring Ronald D. Kenyon 32° KCCH.

(Note: Petitions and the schedule for the Reunions may be downloaded from the bar on the right.)

Maundy Thursday Observances
The Des Moines Scottish Rite will do the Maundy Thursday observance in Eldora at Montague Lodge and in Des Moines this spring. The extinguishing and relighting ceremonies as well as the 12 soliloquies will be done at both observances. The observance in Eldora will take place on April 8th and Des Moines on April 9th with a dinner prior to the ceremonies. These events are open to all Master Masons, their ladies, and guests.

Jay Cole Simser recently completed the Master Craftsman course of the Supreme Council. He joins Kurt Hoffmann, Charlie Smithson, Wade Sheeler, and Cecil Brewton Jr. as members of Des Moines Scottish Rite who have finished the 6 test course.

An item of note, Ila Champion will celebrate her 95th birthday with an open house on March 15th. Her husband, Doyle Champion 33°, was very active in the Des Moines Valley and with the Iowa Scottish Rite Masonic Foundation prior to his death.

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