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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Movie Making

They were filming on the front steps this morning when I got to the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. I had to wend my way through technicians, grips, juicers, and security guards.
The camera is on a little track so it can slide back and forth without jumps.
There are semi-trucks full of equipment all around the building. However the reason I took this picture is because it shows the Consistory Building reflected in the windows of the building across the street. ( American Enterprise)

The "office" set in the auditorium was not supposed to be a lawyer's office as I guessed yesterday but rather the pawn broker's office. The actor was in place and they were taking levels when I got these shots.
Below is Nick Stahl, one of the stars. I did not get a great shot of him but I did not want to interrupt the proceedings. And it is fuzzy. I will try to get a better shot sometime.
Everybody has a job to do and they are sort of like a swarm all over the place. It is great.

Rolls of tape are among the "necessaries" They use it all over for all sorts of things.
They had a couple of monitors set up where you could see what the camera was seeing.
This was not a real policeman. Real policemen eat dougnuts and this one was eating a granola bar.

The library has become a living room.

You can view all of the pictures I have taken by clicking here. Album 1 Album 2

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Michael said...

How exciting! I'm a big fan of Nick's from Carnivale, and would so wish I could meet him in person.