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Friday, September 4, 2009

Movie Making IV

The trucks are still there, the crew is still working and the movie is being made.
Huge lights covered for protection were sitting outside the building this morning.
The monitoring equipment was set up in the Tapestry Lounge and the lights were too dim to get a good picture but I tried some anyway.
But the real fun was going on in the Library which is set to look like a living room. Obviously of someone who drinks a lot and saves the bottles. They were rehearsing and running lines and there were about 10 - 15 people standing and watching the proceedings.
The director is the man in the white shirt (I think) - at least he was giving notes and running things and cutting a line here and there. I could have stayed all day to watch but I did not want to be in the way and I could not have taken many more pictures anyway.
You can see the lights on top of the bookshelves. Boy they better put those back right when they are done. Kurt and I worked for about two weeks getting the Library set up and he catalogued the books.
I was talking with Ben as I left the building tonight. He is the grey haired guy taking light readings in the little movie below. He described their job as "Carney workers with a good dental plan."
I noticed on the Feedjit that we had been "found" and are getting some traffic from a site here in Des Moines called I hope the film folk don't mind that they have been "found"
This is Connie, who graciously let me take just one more picture. I also got a big hug as I left.
The little movie below will give you a brief idea of what was going on and give you an idea of what will be happening tomorrow and next week. I won't be back down (unless Nick calls and asks me to take more pictures) I did not get to see Bill Hamilton again as he is off at "Charlie's Apartment painting a mural on the wall. I found out from our Senior Warden in Arcadia that he is quite a talented muralist and had painted some murals here in Ames. His father is a stand in for Jack Nicholson (one of my favorite actors) So unless something happens and I get a call-back that will be all the reporting on the Movie Making....Click here to see today's album. Click on the arrow in the bottom left to view.

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