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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Movie Making at the Consistory

The Consistory Building is becoming a movie set. Dylan's Wake will begin filming tomorrow at the Consistory. The film (in the vein of Jacob's Ladder meets Good Will Hunting) is the story of a young man who fakes his own death to see if anyone will show up at his funeral. Only to discover that two people show up-- a street junkie who believes our protagonist is an angel who has come to save his life, and his High School sweetheart from ten years before. Their lives will be changed forever in this supernatural film about friendship, romance and redemption.
The various spaces in the Consistory have been/are being transformed into sets for the movie.
Technicians and others are all over the building building and rearranging things. They are a very friendly group and put up with the paparazzi (me) - I imagine that may change tomorrow when the actors come and they start filming. The film stars Rose McGowan from Charmed and Nick Stahl
The classroom is being transformed also. This is Connie who is responsible for set decoration (I think)
The office is going to play a detective's office in the film. I think they will film in there tomorrow.
The 33rd Degree room is a funeral viewing room
Complete with coffin which is being checked out to see if there is a body inside. (There wasn't)

The back of the auditorium looks like it may supposed to become a lawyer's office.
Semi-trailers of equipment is being unloaded and brought into the building. They were surprised that we did not have a freight elevator.
Connie came to the office to get hooked into our WiFii.
The cloak room downstairs has become a pawn shop. This is Bill who has built a wall which will mask the ornate walls of the Consistory and make it look like a plain wall in a Pawn Shop. Brandon and I were both talking to him about becoming a Mason. He is very interested.
And here is another view of the 33rd Degree room with the coffin ready for viewing.
Do you see the ghost?
I will try for more pictures tomorrow.

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Keith Ryan said...

The building accross the street belongs to American Enterprise. I work on the 4th floor and we've had a great view of the filming so far. There has ben discussion abotu the name of the film, but now we know for sure. Thanks.