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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Scottish Rite Express

Scottish Rite Express

Valley of Des Moines
Orient of Iowa

September 15, 2015

Who do you know that should be a Scottish Rite Mason?
Our 2015 Fall Scottish Rite Reunion is fast approaching but before we can host the Reunion there are a number of things that need to be done. 

One of the most essential is to provide a night where we can introduce Masonry   and Scottish Rite to prospective new members.  This important event will be held on Wednesday, September 30th at the Des Moines Consistory.  Our reunion kick-offs are a chance for us to bring prospective Masons or Scottish Rite Masons to a classy fun event and give them an idea of the type of men who belong to our great fraternity.  We encourage you to look around your lodge and invite any brother you think would enjoy Scottish Rite.  It also reminds us that our Scottish Rite reunion is just around the corner. 

We also want you to bring men who have yet to join the Symbolic Lodge as well.  This event can be a great introduction to Freemasonry.  You won't have to cook, clean up, or provide the program, we will take care of it for you.  You will get to be the host for your friend or colleague for the evening and introduce him to why you chose to become a Mason.  We will have information on the Symbolic Lodge available for you to share with him as well.  All you have to do is make a reservation for the two of you by calling or emailing the Scottish Rite office.

Our kick-off is free to prospective candidates for the Symbolic Lodge and for Scottish Rite with a reservation.  Cost is $10 for Scottish Rite Masons.

Please let the SR Office know of your attendance plans by September 24, 2015 so we can plan accordingly.  
515-288-8927 or

Schedule of Events
September 30, 2015
6:15 pm      
Social Hour & check in
7:00 pm
Grilled Sirloin Steak Dinner
8:00 pm
Introduction to Freemasonry & Scottish Rite

2015 Japhet/Jensen Full Reunion Schedule

5:00 PM             DINNER BUFFET
5:45 PM             CLASS ASSEMBLES
6:00 PM             RECEIVE CLASS

6:25 PM             4th Degree    Secret Master
7:10 PM             5th Degree    Perfect Master
7:55 PM             6th Degree    Confidential Secretary
8:30 PM             7th Degree    Provost and Judge 
9:10 PM             8th Degree    Intendant of the Building
9:45 PM             DISMISSAL

7:45 AM             CLASS ASSEMBLES
8:00 AM             9th Degree      Elu of the Nine
                         10th Degree    Elu of the Fifteen
8:50 AM             11th Degree    Elu of the Twelve
9:40 AM             12th Degree    Master Architect
10:15 AM           13th Degree    Royal Arch of Solomon
11:00 AM           14th Degree    Perfect Elu
12:05 PM                     LUNCH

1:00 PM             15th Degree    Knight of the East
2:00 PM             16th Degree    Prince of Jerusalem
3:00 PM             17th Degree    Knight of the East & West
4:00 PM             18th Degree    Knight Rose Croix
5:15 PM                      SOCIAL HOUR

5:00 PM                      DINNER

5:45 PM             19th Degree    Grand Pontiff
6:45 PM             20th Degree    Master of the Symbolic                                                   Lodge
7:45 PM             21st Degree     Noachite or Prussian                                                       Knight
8:55 PM             22nd Degree    Knight of the Royal Axe

7:15 AM                      CLASS ASSEMBLES
7:30 AM             23rd Degree     Chief of the Tabernacle
8:05 AM             24th Degree     Prince of the Tabernacle
8:55 AM             25th Degree     Knight of the Brazen                                                      Serpent
9:35 AM             26th Degree     Prince of Mercy
10:15 AM           27th Degree     Knight of the Sun
11:15 AM           28th Degree     Knight Commander of                                                      Temple
11:50 AM                    LUNCH
12:40 PM           29th Degree   Scottish Knight of St.                                                       Andrew
1:25 PM            30th Degree    Knight Kadosh

2:50 PM             31st Degree   Inspector Inquisitor
4:00 PM             32nd Degree  Master of the Royal Secret                                              (1st)
4:55 PM             32nd Degree  Master of the Royal Secret                                              (2nd)
6:00 PM                      SOCIAL HOUR
6:45 PM                      CLASS BANQUET & DOUBLE EAGLE                                   GALA

Des Moines to host 2016 multi-state reunion

In 2013, several members of the Des Moines Scottish Rite bodies participated in a multi-state reunion hosted by the Valley of Kansas City.  We performed the 21st & 22nd degrees.  After seeing the excitement and variety of degrees, we thought it might be fun to host a similar event in Des Moines.  We have been given approval by Ill. Gary Sissel, 33 ° to do so in 2016. Our multi-state reunion will take place on April 8/9 of 2016.   It is our hope and plan to have degree teams from Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, and others.  It is also our goal to have a team from Illinois, part of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. 

Our tentative plans will be to begin with lunch on Friday, April 8, 2016.  We will then start the degree work Friday afternoon and continue Friday evening and finish Saturday with a banquet and spring gala.  The multi-state will be coordinated by Brian Pappaducas, 33 ° .  More details to be shared as plans develop.

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