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Thursday, September 10, 2015

SR Express - Election of Officers/Quarterly Meeting


Valley of Des Moines
Orient of Iowa

September 10, 2015

Congratulations to our newly elected Scottish Rite Officers!

One of the exciting items on the agenda for the September quarterly meeting of the Des Moines Consistory was the election of officers for the Consistory and the Chapter Rose Croix.  We are pleased to announce the new officers for the 2016 year.   The installation of officers and holiday party will be held on Wednesday, December 9, 2015.
Des Moines Consistory
Master of Kadosh: 
Gregory L. Andersen, 33°
Prior: Eldon F. Walton, 33°
Preceptor: D. Kay Greany, 33°
Chancellor: Jack R. Schreiber, 33°
Minister of State: William L. Knoll, 33°
Almoner: Brian D. Pappaducas, 33°

Chapter Rose Croix
Wise Master: Rusty Hill, 33°elect
Senior Warden: Thomas D. Cox, 32° KCCH
Junior Warden: Kurt M. Hoffmann, 32° KCCH

Quarterly Meeting Update

The officers and members of the Des Moines Scottish Rite bodies met last night (September 9) for our annual meeting of the Des Moines Consistory.  Here are a few highlights from the meeting to share with you.

Our Kitchen Krew prepared a great meal of grilled hamburgers, baked bean, coleslaw, and ice cream.  Thanks to Dick Hudnall, 33° and all the members of the "Krew" for their hard work.

We had a special guest Brother William Black, 32° KCCH of the Ashville, North Carolina bodies.  Bill is originally from Iowa and currently lives in Newton.

There is now a specially designated area for all Scottish Rite Masons to store their Scottish Rite caps.  It is part of the coat room area on 1st floor.  There are no assigned locations for anyone, so first come/first served.  One item of note, it will be locked except during Scottish Rite events.

Greg Spooner, Chr. of the Building Committee, gave an update on the various projects that have been completed this spring and summer.  We have a new roof on the Consistory auditorium, a remodeled 3rd floor member's lounge, installed walls that separate the kitchen from the Dahl Grand Banquet room.  We are also in process of completing a major remodel of the lower hallway and ladies lounge/restrooms area.  It is going to look spectacular when it is finished.  Thank you to the WT and Edna Dahl Foundation, Russ Johnson Jr. 33°, and all who have donated to the Des Moines Consistory Building Trust to make these renovations possible.

Sam Wise, 33° and the membership committee (Tom Malicoat 32°, Rich Bergez 32°, Jim Wissler 32°, Steve Jacobsen 33° elect, and Greg Andersen 33°) gave a special presentation on our plans for the Fall Kick-off (Sept 30th) and recruiting new members for the Japhet/Jensen Class (Oct 30/31 & Nov 13/14)

Wade Sheeler 32° KCCH was recognized for winning the Blosser award for membership recruitment. 

Tim Whipple 32° was presented with his Master Craftsman #1 certificate and pin.  He was also recognized as the first member of the Des Moines Valley to receive the Knight of the Double Eagle Award. Congratulations Tim!

Brian Pappaducas, 33° outlined the plans for the 2016 Multi-State reunion being hosted by the Des Moines Valley on April 8/9, 2016.  He and Charlie Smithson, 33°elect passed out ballots for members to express their opinions on which degrees should be included in the schedule.  Ballots are available by contacting the Scottish Rite office.

The date of the Knight Commander, Court of Honour investiture date has been changed from Thursday, September 24th to Tuesday, October 20th.

Secretary/Registrar Shane Harshbarger was recognized for being awarded the Grand Cross of the Court of Honour by the Supreme Council at the biennial meeting in August.  He thanked the members of the Des Moines Valley for their hard work, commitment, and dedication that has made Des Moines an outstanding Scottish Rite Valley.

Greg N. DeHoedt of Acanthus Lodge #632, Shawn J. Feid of Adel Lodge #80, Roger D. Hon of Acanthus Lodge #632 were elected to receive the degrees of the Scottish Rite.  John Iles, 33° elect is the topline signer for Greg and Roger.  Kim Jones, 32° KCCH is the topline signer for Shawn Feid.

A petition for Scott J. Shipman, 32° KCCH for dual membership with Cedar Rapids Valley was voted on and approved.  Welcome Scott to the Des Moines Valley!  

Mark Clark, 33° of our Advisory Conference thanked the members for their participation and enthusiasm for Scottish Rite and their generosity in supporting our building renovation success.

Elections were held for the offices in the Chapter Rose Croix and the Consistory.  Congratulations to Greg Andersen, 33° on becoming Master of Kadosh elect of the Des Moines Consistory and to Rusty Hill, 33°elect (Wise Master - Chapter Rose Croix), Tom Cox, 32° KCCH (Sr. Warden - Chapter Rose Croix), and Kurt Hoffmann, 32° KCCH (Jr. Warden - Chapter Rose Croix)

A collection was held for the Almoner's fund and the meeting was closed.

2015 Japhet/Jensen Full Reunion Schedule

5:00 PM             DINNER BUFFET
5:45 PM             CLASS ASSEMBLES
6:00 PM             RECEIVE CLASS

6:25 PM             4th Degree    Secret Master
7:10 PM             5th Degree    Perfect Master
7:55 PM             6th Degree    Confidential Secretary
8:30 PM             7th Degree    Provost and Judge 
9:10 PM             8th Degree    Intendant of the Building
9:45 PM             DISMISSAL

7:45 AM             CLASS ASSEMBLES
8:00 AM             9th Degree      Elu of the Nine
                         10th Degree    Elu of the Fifteen
8:50 AM             11th Degree    Elu of the Twelve
9:40 AM             12th Degree    Master Architect
10:15 AM           13th Degree    Royal Arch of Solomon
11:00 AM           14th Degree    Perfect Elu
12:05 PM                     LUNCH

1:00 PM             15th Degree    Knight of the East
2:00 PM             16th Degree    Prince of Jerusalem
3:00 PM             17th Degree    Knight of the East & West
4:00 PM             18th Degree    Knight Rose Croix
5:15 PM                      SOCIAL HOUR

5:00 PM                      DINNER

5:45 PM             19th Degree    Grand Pontiff
6:45 PM             20th Degree    Master of the Symbolic                                                   Lodge
7:45 PM             21st Degree     Noachite or Prussian                                                       Knight
8:55 PM             22nd Degree    Knight of the Royal Axe

7:15 AM                      CLASS ASSEMBLES
7:30 AM             23rd Degree     Chief of the Tabernacle
8:05 AM             24th Degree     Prince of the Tabernacle
8:55 AM             25th Degree     Knight of the Brazen                                                      Serpent
9:35 AM             26th Degree     Prince of Mercy
10:15 AM           27th Degree     Knight of the Sun
11:15 AM           28th Degree     Knight Commander of                                                      Temple
11:50 AM                    LUNCH
12:40 PM           29th Degree   Scottish Knight of St.                                                       Andrew
1:25 PM            30th Degree    Knight Kadosh

2:50 PM             31st Degree   Inspector Inquisitor
4:00 PM             32nd Degree  Master of the Royal Secret                                              (1st)
4:55 PM             32nd Degree  Master of the Royal Secret                                              (2nd)
6:00 PM                      SOCIAL HOUR
6:45 PM                      CLASS BANQUET & DOUBLE EAGLE                                   GALA

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