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Friday, June 23, 2017

SR Express - 300th Anniversary of GL of England Update and Details

June 23, 2017
300th Anniversary Update and Details
Our 300th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of the Grand Lodge of England is tomorrow and will be one of the most exciting events we have had in several years.  We have over 475 Master Masons and their ladies attending this event.  We are especially pleased to host dignitaries from England and a special guest from Australia.  Lastly, we have representatives from almost every Masonic organization in Iowa.  Unfortunately, due to the size and scope of the event.  We cannot take additional reservations.
We have had several phone calls regarding details for this auspicious occasion.  Since Donette and I will be at the Scottish Rite golf out for much of the day, I hope this SR Express will answer a few questions for you.

We have tons of parking.  American Republic has graciously allowed us access to their ramp to the east of the Scottish Rite building.  The entrance is on 5th Avenue.  You will need to tell Kamden (Scottish Rite staff member) that you are attending the 300th Anniversary event so he can let you in.  It will be staffed from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

We have also rented the surface lot directly west of the Scottish Rite building.  You can enter it from Park Street.  Lastly, the north lot and on street parking will be available.

As we have many guests from out of town, if you would park in the ramp or the west lot, that would save the more obvious parking for those who do not know Des Moines as well.

Doors Open and Registration:
Registration will be at the main entrance (1st floor).  All attendees need to check in to receive your banquet tickets and to pick up your program of events.  The main entrance will be open at 2:00 pm.  After checking in, everyone will congregate in the Tapestry room for the initial welcome and proclamation of Masonic Month.

Program of Events:
Following the proclamation, the men will adjourn to 3rd floor to the Consistory Auditorium for the opening of Grand Lodge and the reception of dignitaries.  The ladies will remain in the Tapestry room for the high tea and program by chocolatier, Tom Coleman.

Following our reception of dignitaries, the Masons will be spilt into two groups.  Those attending the forum on Freemasonry will adjourn to the Symbolic Lodge room and the those attending the Past Master Ceremony will stay in the Auditorium. 

After these sessions and the ladies' tea, all attendees will adjourn to the WT & Edna Dahl Grand Banquet room for the social hour and hors de oeuvres.  There will be place cards for you to designate your seat but this is a social event so we encourage you to mingle during this time.  Our first two of 7 toasts will take place during the social hour and continue throughout the evening.  Our toastmasters will be assisted by the Double Eagle Chorus. 

Next up will be the time capsule dedication.  It will take place in the Grand Banquet room on a center stage for all to view.  The time capsule will be dedicated by the officers of the Grand Lodge of Iowa in a special ceremony.  The time capsule was carved by Brother Ben Mayer.  It is amazing.

Following the time capsule dedication will be the festive board.  It will be a served prime rib dinner with all the trimmings.  There will be a few more toasts during dinner as well as music by Beaver Creek Jazz.  We plan to wrap up by 8:30 pm.
Dress Code
We have also had many questions regarding dress code.  A suit or coat and tie is ideal.  Most importantly, wear your Masonic regalia.  We want a showcase of Freemasonry.  If you have an apron, please wear it during the session in the auditorium.  If you have a Masonic jewel, collar, sash, or pins, showcase them as well.  Scottish Rite caps and fezzes are encouraged during the social hour and dinner but cannot be worn during open lodge.  There will be tables in the George Washington room and Pike room for you to store apron cases.

Hopefully this helps answer a few questions in regards to schedule, registration, dress code, and parking.  We look forward to seeing you Saturday.  It is going to be an amazing day.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Shane Harshbarger

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